Auditing, Litigation & Tax eJournal
Editor: Ross L. Watts
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts of empirical, theoretical and experimental papers on auditing, litigation against auditors and corporations, and tax and accounting issues. Papers on the role of audits and their pricing, the industrial organization of auditing, expert systems in auditing, human resource management in auditing and many more related auditing topics are relevant. Litigation issues include the prediction of lawsuits against auditors and their clients, relation of lawsuits to corporate market value, effects of legislation on litigation, etc. Tax and accounting issues include, among others, the impact of taxes on transfer pricing and the location decisions, the interrelation of taxes and auditing, effect of taxes on accounting choice, etc.

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Editor: Ross L. Watts
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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