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Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences. We have received several excellence awards for our web site.

Each of SSRN's networks encourages the early distribution of research results by publishing submitted abstracts and by soliciting abstracts of top quality research papers around the world. We now have hundreds of journals, publishers, and institutions in Partners in Publishing that provide working papers for distribution through SSRN's eLibrary and abstracts for publication in SSRN's electronic journals.

The SSRN eLibrary consists of two parts: an Abstract Database containing abstracts on over 84,000 scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers and an Electronic Paper Collection currently containing over 58,900 downloadable full text documents in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. The eLibrary also includes the research papers of a number of Fee Based Partner Publications.

The Networks encourage readers to communicate directly with authors and other subscribers concerning their own and others' research. To facilitate this we publish detailed author contact information including email addresses for authors of each paper. We also provide electronic delivery of the papers when authors wish us to do so from the SSRN eLibrary. You may also Browse the SSRN eLibrary, view our current Top Papers or search the electronic library for papers by Title, Author, or Journal/Topic.

SSRN also offers a range of high-visibility Advertising Opportunities for companies seeking to market their products to professionals in the social science or law areas.
SSRN In The News

Napster for Nerds
(Montreal Gazette, January 13, 2004)

David Warsh on SSRN
(Excerpted from "The Publisher", November 30, 2003)

NEW SSRN's 10th Anniversary message from Michael C. Jensen, the chairman of Social Science Electronic Publishing (SSEP).

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Network Directors

Accounting Research Network
Ross Watts

Economics Research Network
Martin Feldstein & Michael C. Jensen

Financial Economics Network
Michael C. Jensen

Legal Scholarship Network
Bernard Black, Mitchell Polinsky & Ronald Gilson

Management Research Network
Michael C. Jensen

Social Insurance Research Network
Jerry Mashaw

Board of Trustees

Eugene F. Fama
Ronald J. Gilson
J. Richard Hackman
Michael C. Jensen
Richard Quandt
William F. Sharpe
Hal Varian

About the Board of Trustees

Professor Eugene F. Fama

Robert R. McCormick Distinguished Service Professor of Finance, Graduate School of Business University of Chicago, Advisory Editor of the Journal of Financial Economics, and Chairman of Social Science Electronic Publishing

Professor J. Richard Hackman

Cahners-Rabb Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology, Harvard University

Professor Ronald J. Gilson

Charles J. Meyers Professor of Law and Business, Stanford Law School and Marc and Eva Stern Professor of Law and Business, Columbia University School of Law

Professor Michael C. Jensen

Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, Founding Editor of the Journal of Financial Economics, President of Social Science Electronic Publishing, Past President of the American Finance Association, and of the Western Economics Association International.

Professor Richard Quandt

Hughes-Rogers Professor Emeritus, Princeton University and Senior Advisor, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Professor William F. Sharpe

The STANCO 25 Professor of Finance, Graduate School of Business, Stanford Business School, Past President of the American Finance Association, 1990 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

Professor Hal Varian

Dean of the School of Information Management and Systems at the University of California at Berkeley, Professor of Economics in the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Contact Professor Michael C. Jensen at (941) 685.3363 or Gregg Gordon, President (585) 442.8170 for general questions or comments about SSRN. Contact Ms. Sandy Barnes (206) 366.0918 about site subscriptions to SSRN's networks. Contact Ms. Beverly Infantino (585) 442.8170 or toll free 877-SSRNHELP (877.777.6435) about SSRN's web site, individual subscriptions or other services, including advertising rates.

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