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Women's & Gender Studies Research Network eJournal Taxonomy

WGSRN Subject Matter eJournals
      Development Economics: Women, Gender, & Human Development eJournal subscribe_fee
            ERN: Household Labor & Development (Topic)
            ERN: Human Development in Developing Economies (Topic)
            ERN: Other Development Economics: Women, Gender, & Human Development (Topic)
            ERN: Women & Gender Issues (Topic)
      Feminist Methodology & Research eJournal subscribe_fee
            WGSRN: Critical Approaches (Topic)
            WGSRN: Cultural & Anthropological Approaches (Topic)
            WGSRN: Data Collection & Empirical Methods (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Big Data, Data Mining, Digital & Textual Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Discrimination, Segmentation, & Occupational Segregation (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Experimental Methods, Analysis & Design (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Data Collection & Empirical Methods (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Time-Use Data, Household Surveys & Methods (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Economic Approaches (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender & Economic Growth (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Household & Bargaining Models (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Labor-Market Models (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Economic Approaches (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Structural/Macro Policies Impact & Gender Equality (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Experimental Approaches & Game Theory (Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Feminist Methodology & Research (Topic)
            WGSRN: Political Approaches (Topic)
            WGSRN: Psychological/Behavioral Approaches (Topic)
      Feminist Theory & Philosophy eJournal subscribe_fee
            WGSRN: Feminist Philosophy (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Critical Feminist Theory, Post-Modernism & Post-Colonial Studies (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender, Race, & Class (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Global Feminist Thought (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Feminist Philosophy (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Religion, Marriage, & Motherhood (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Western Feminist Thought (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Feminist Theory (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender & Institutions (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender & Nature - Feminist Ecology & Sustainability (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender Justice & Rights (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender, Race, & Identity (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Liberal Feminism (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: North-South Perspectives (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Feminist Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Structural/Marxist Feminism (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Feminist Theory & Philosophy (Topic)
      Gender & Global Issues eJournal subscribe_fee
            WGSRN: Extreme Events & Climate Change (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Empirical Studies on Impact of Climate Change on Women (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender, Vulnerability, Adaptation & Resilience (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Gender, Extreme Events & Climate Change (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Gender & Development (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Agriculture, Livelihoods & Gender (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: AID Modalities & Gender Including Public-Private Partnerships (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Development Policy - Experiments & Evaluations (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Empowering Women & Girls (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender Equality in Education & Employment (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender Equality, Macroeconomics & Institutional Change (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender, Health & Care in Developing Countries (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender, Reproductive Rights & Health (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Microfinance & Women Entrepreneurs (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: National Law, Indigenous Women's Rights & Movements (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Gender & Development (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Vulnerability, Adaptation, & Resilience (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Women's Migration & Employment in Formal & Informal Sectors (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Women's Political Participation & Leadership (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Women's Rights to Inheritance, Ownership & Property (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Gender & Globalization (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender & Global Labor Markets (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender & International Finance & Business Cycles (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender & International Trade (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Migration & Displacement (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Gender & Globalization (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Women, Value-Chains & Labor Markets (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Women & International Relations (Topic)
            WGSRN: Women's Political, Economic & Human Rights (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Legal, Economic & Political Institutional Reforms to Promote Gender Equality (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Women's Political, Economic & Human Rights (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Women's Political Participation
            WGSRN: Women, Peace & Security (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Conflict, War & Violence Against Women (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Global Norms, Standards, Prevention & Resolutions (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Human Trafficking in Women & Girls (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Women, Peace & Security (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Recovery & Peacebuilding (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Rule of Law & Access to Justice (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Women Political Leadership & Diplomacy (Sub-Topic)
      Gender & Social Protection eJournal subscribe_fee
            WGSRN: Gender, Race & Disability (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender, Race & Health (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender, Race & Social Protection (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender, Race, Disabilities & Education (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender, Race, Disabilities & Employment (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Gender, Race & Disability (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Legal Reform & Regulation (Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Gender & Social Protection (Topic)
            WGSRN: Social Protection, Gender & Family (Topic)
      Gender, Arts, Literature & Music eJournal subscribe_fee
      Gender, Politics & Justice eJournal subscribe_fee
            WGSRN: Gender Difference in Crime & Access to Justice (Topic)
            WGSRN: Gender Equality, Political Leadership & Institutions (Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Gender, Politics & Justice (Topic)
      Media, Gender & Identity eJournal subscribe_fee
            WGSRN: Gender & Internet (Topic)
            WGSRN: Gender Roles, Body Image & Women's Representation in Media (Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Media, Gender & Identity (Topic)
      Reproductive Justice, Law & Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
      Sexual & Gender Based Violence eJournal subscribe_fee
            WGSRN: Empirical Studies on Gender-Based Violence (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Estimating Costs of Violence (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Empirical Studies on Gender-Based Violence (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Sexual & Gender Based Violence (Topic)
      Sexuality & Gender Studies eJournal subscribe_fee
            WGSRN: History of Sexuality (Topic)
            WGSRN: Masculinities (Topic)
            WGSRN: Non-Binary Gender & Sexuality Studies (Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Sexuality & Gender Studies (Topic)
            WGSRN: Sexual Freedom, Difference & Social Equality (Topic)
            WGSRN: Sexuality, Contraception & Reproductive Choice (Topic)
      Women & Health eJournal subscribe_fee
            WGSRN: Gender, Health & Family (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Child Health, Adolescent Health (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Demographics, Health & Poverty (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Gender, Health & Family (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Public Health - Gender, Health & Family (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Gender, Racial & Ethnic Disparities (Topic)
            WGSRN: Global Women's Health (Topic)
            WGSRN: Health Economics (Topic)
            WGSRN: Lesbian Health (Topic)
            WGSRN: Mental Health (Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Women & Health (Topic)
            WGSRN: Reproductive Health (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Abortion, Contraception, Pregnancy Planning (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Reproductive Health (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Preconceptional Health, Prenatal Health, Maternal Health (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Women's Health Policy & Law (Topic)
      Women & Law eJournal subscribe_fee
            WGSRN: Family Law, Gender & Sexual Difference (Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Women & Law (Topic)
            WGSRN: Women, Gender Equity & Law (Topic)
      Women & Psychology eJournal subscribe_fee
            WGSRN: Developmental (Topic)
            WGSRN: Experimental (Topic)
            WGSRN: Feminist Psychology & Behavioral Studies (Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Women & Psychology (Topic)
      Women & Work eJournal subscribe_free
            WGSRN: Gender Difference in Corporate Governance & Finance (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Corporate Governance (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Investment Behavior, Competition, & Risk (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Gender Difference in Corporate Governance & Finance (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Women in Promotion & Leadership (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Women-Owned Enterprises, Entrepreneurs & Access to Finance (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Gender Disparity (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender Equality in Education & Health (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Gender Gaps in Employment & Income (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Gender Disparity (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Segregation by Gender & Race (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Gender, Work, Family (Topic)
                  WGSRN: Marriage Markets (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Other Women, Work & Family (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Paid & Unpaid Care Work (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Work-Life Conflict (Sub-Topic)
                  WGSRN: Youth & Gender Equality (Sub-Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Women & Work (Topic)
      Women, Gender & the Law eJournal subscribe_fee
      Women, History & Culture eJournal subscribe_fee
            WGSRN: Colonialism & Nationalism (Topic)
            WGSRN: Engendering History (Topic)
            WGSRN: Feminist Anthropological & Cultural Studies (Topic)
            WGSRN: Feminist Political Economy Studies (Topic)
            WGSRN: Feudalism & Capitalism (Topic)
            WGSRN: Gender & Geography (Topic)
            WGSRN: Gender & Religion (Topic)
            WGSRN: Gender, Language, Culture & Networks (Topic)
            WGSRN: Other Women, History & Culture (Topic)
            WGSRN: Women's Liberation & Social Movements (Topic)
            WGSRN: Women, Status & Power (Topic)