Women's & Gender Studies Research Network


The Women's & Gender Studies Research Network (WGSRN) provides access to research, scholarship and policy about women and gender. Its purpose is to share and build knowledge on women’s rights and equality, gender identity and gender representation, including men’s studies and queer studies.

WGSRN brings together interdisciplinary research on women and gender from a variety of fields including economics, international relations, political science and social movements, psychology, geography, law, health, history, arts, culture and the natural sciences.

For a researcher, scholar or student, SSRN offers an exhaustive reservoir of material in the full range of women and gender studies, including feminist theory and methods; gender, identity and sexuality; legal rights and human rights, including international human rights in theory and practice; gender sensitive policy-making and implementation; reproductive rights and women’s health including violence against women; gender and sexuality studies, and the intersectionality of race, class and gender. For the author, SSRN provides a platform for scholars, policy-makers and experts to distribute their work and reach international and national audiences.

Women's & Gender Studies Papers