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Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) is a new approach to conceptualization and measurement of democracy. It is one of the largest ever social science data collection programs. V-Dem is collecting data on 400+ indicators of various aspects of democracy tied to the core of electoral democracy as well as six varying properties: liberal, majoritarian, consensual, participatory, deliberative and egalitarian dimensions of democracy. The resulting database makes possible both highly detailed, nuanced analysis of virtually all aspects of democracy in a country, and quick, summary comparisons between countries based on aggregated indices for varieties of democracy.

V-Dem produces this Working Paper Series to disseminate results from the newly developed measures of components, principles, and varieties of democracy and their determinants. The research explores, for instance, exogenous and endogenous factors of democratization, effects of democracy and democratization, and the development of different components of democracy at the national level as well as across sub-national levels.

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