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Means of transport has been the engine of human activity since the beginning of recorded history. Modern transportation is one of the bases to social connectivity and development of economies of scale. Technological, material and engineering advances continually affect the means by which transport is applied and have an effect on areas that include employment, quality of life, the environment and land use.

Applications such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), international high-speed rail mega projects and the design of sea, air and rail terminals that connect both passenger and freight to hinterland locations are but a few of the adaptations facing modern transportation.

The most advanced and ubiquitous library of information in human history – the Internet – offers scholars, researchers, engineers and technologists the opportunity to search for, review, collaborate and conduct comparative analysis of published works in the field of transportation. Within this scope, SSRN offers an extensive reservoir of scholarly material in the full range of modern transportation design, implementation and theory. The SSRN contributor can use this platform to distribute work to a wide range of experts in the transportation field, for review and comment.

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