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Sustainability Research Network eJournal Taxonomy

SRPN Subject Matter eJournals
      Biology & Sustainability eJournal subscribe_fee
            BioRN: Conservation (Topic)
            BioRN: Food Production, Distribution & Consumption (Topic)
            BioRN: Other Biology & Sustainability (Topic)
            BioRN: Pollution (Topic)
            BioRN: Technology (Topic)
      Built Environment eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Architecture (Topic)
            SRPN: Building Materials (Topic)
            SRPN: Construction (Topic)
            SRPN: Housing (Topic)
            SRPN: Land Use (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Built Environment (Topic)
            SRPN: Regeneration & Revitalisation (Topic)
            SRPN: Restoration & Conservation (Topic)
            SRPN: Sustainable Design (Topic)
            SRPN: Urban Design & Planning (Topic)
      Consumer Social Responsibility eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Advertising & Communication Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Consumer Behavior Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Consumer Ethics Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Consumer Social Responsibility (Topic)
            SRPN: Product Demand Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Social Media Issues (Topic)
      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Accountability (Topic)
            SRPN: Compliance (Topic)
            SRPN: Corporate Governance (Topic)
            SRPN: Corporate Reporting (Topic)
            SRPN: Corporate Social Responsibility Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) (Topic)
            SRPN: Fair Trade (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (Topic)
            SRPN: Regulation (Topic)
            SRPN: Reputation Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Stakeholders (Topic)
            SRPN: Standards (Topic)
      CSR & Management Practice eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Codes of Conduct (Topic)
            SRPN: CSR & Process Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: CSR Performance Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Other CSR & Management Practice (Topic)
      Employee Social Responsibility & HR Practices eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Human Resources Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Labor Market Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Labor Performance Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Employee Social Responsibility & HR Practices (Topic)
      Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Research Hub eJournal subscribe_free
      Food Industry eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Agribusiness (Topic)
            SRPN: Farming & Agriculture (Topic)
            SRPN: Fishing & Aquaculture (Topic)
            SRPN: Food Processing & Production (Topic)
            SRPN: Food Retail (Topic)
            SRPN: Food Transport (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Food Industry (Topic)
      Food Politics & Sociology eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Diet & Nutrition (Topic)
            SRPN: Food Shortages, Scarcity & Security (Topic)
            SRPN: Globalization (Food) (Topic)
            SRPN: Hunger & Malnutrition (Topic)
            SRPN: Obesity (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Food Politics & Sociology (Topic)
            SRPN: Politics of Food (Topic)
            SRPN: Vegetarianism & Meat Consumption (Topic)
            SRPN: Waste Food (Food) (Topic)
      Human Rights & the Corporation eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Human Rights Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Legal & Enforcement Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Human Rights & the Corporation (Topic)
      Investment & Social Responsibility eJournal subscribe_fee
      Law, International Affairs & CSR eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: International Affairs Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Legal Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Law, International Affairs & CSR (Topic)
      NGO & Non-Profit Organizations eJournal subscribe_fee
      Nuclear Energy (Sustainability) eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Cold Fusion (Topic)
            SRPN: Nuclear Energy Politics (Topic)
            SRPN: Nuclear Energy Protest (Topic)
            SRPN: Nuclear Power Plants (Topic)
            SRPN: Nuclear Waste (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Nuclear Energy (Topic)
            SRPN: Plutonium Enrichment (Topic)
            SRPN: Reactor (Topic)
            SRPN: Safety (Topic)
      Other Sustainability Research & Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
      Politics & Energy eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Carbon & Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Topic)
            SRPN: Carbon Taxation (Topic)
            SRPN: Carbon Trading (Politics) (Topic)
            SRPN: Coal (Topic)
            SRPN: Energy Politics (Topic)
            SRPN: Oil & Gas (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Politics & Energy (Topic)
      Pollution eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Acid Rain (Topic)
            SRPN: Air Pollution (Topic)
            SRPN: Chemical Pollution (Topic)
            SRPN: Contamination (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Pollution (Topic)
            SRPN: Remediation & Clean-Up (Topic)
            SRPN: Toxins (Topic)
            SRPN: Water Pollution (Pollution) (Topic)
      Renewable Energy eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Alternative Fuels (Topic)
            SRPN: Biofuels (Topic)
            SRPN: Geothermal (Topic)
            SRPN: Hydro (Topic)
            SRPN: Hydrogen (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Renewable Energy (Topic)
            SRPN: Solar (Topic)
            SRPN: Wind (Topic)
      Social Innovation eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Innovation Performance Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Innovation Process Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Social Innovation (Topic)
      Social Responsibility in Production & Supply Chain Management eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Other Social Responsibility in Production & Supply Chain Management (Topic)
            SRPN: Production Issues (Topic)
            SRPN: Supply Chain Issues (Topic)
      Socially Responsible Investment eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Carbon Finance (Topic)
            SRPN: Carbon Trading (Socially) (Topic)
            SRPN: Environmental Finance (Topic)
            SRPN: ESG & Green Investment (Topic)
            SRPN: Microcredit (Topic)
            SRPN: Microfinance (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Socially Responsible Investment (Topic)
            SRPN: Social Enterprise (Topic)
            SRPN: Sustainable Development (Topic)
      Stakeholder Management & Stakeholder Responsibilities eJournal subscribe_fee
      Sustainability & Economics eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Developing World (Topic)
            SRPN: Global Trade & the WTO (Topic)
            SRPN: Globalization (Sustainability) (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Sustainability & Economics (Topic)
            SRPN: Poverty & Inequality (Topic)
            SRPN: Social Economics (Topic)
            SRPN: Sustainable Capitalism (Topic)
            SRPN: Sustainable Growth (Topic)
      Sustainability at Work eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Employment (Topic)
            SRPN: Enterprise (Topic)
            SRPN: Ethics (Topic)
            SRPN: Industrial Waste (Work) (Topic)
            SRPN: Leadership and Sustainability (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Sustainability at Work (Topic)
            SRPN: Recycling (Work) (Topic)
            SRPN: Renewable Resources (Topic)
            SRPN: Research & Development (Topic)
            SRPN: Sustainable Business (Topic)
      Sustainability Research & Policy Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Sustainable Technology eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Biotechnology (Topic)
            SRPN: Information Technology (Topic)
            SRPN: Innovation (Topic)
            SRPN: Invention (Topic)
            SRPN: Nanotechnology (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Sustainable Technology (Topic)
            SRPN: Patents (Topic)
      Sustainable Transport eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Air Transport (Topic)
            SRPN: Freight Transport (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Sustainable Transport (Topic)
            SRPN: Passenger Transport (Topic)
            SRPN: Public Transport (Topic)
            SRPN: Rail (Topic)
            SRPN: Roads (Topic)
            SRPN: Sea (Topic)
            SRPN: Waterways (Topic)
      Urban & Regional Resilience eJournal subscribe_fee
      Urban Research eJournal subscribe_fee
      Waste eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Dumping (Topic)
            SRPN: Hazardous Waste (Topic)
            SRPN: Industrial Waste (Waste) (Topic)
            SRPN: Nuclear Waste (Topic)
            SRPN: Organic Waste Management (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Waste (Topic)
            SRPN: Recycling (Waste) (Topic)
            SRPN: Sewage (Topic)
            SRPN: Waste Management (Topic)
      Water Sustainability eJournal subscribe_fee
            SRPN: Coastal Areas (Topic)
            SRPN: Fishing (Topic)
            SRPN: Fresh Water (Topic)
            SRPN: Ice (Topic)
            SRPN: Oceans (Topic)
            SRPN: Other Water Sustainability (Topic)
            SRPN: Rivers, Waterways & Lakes (Topic)
            SRPN: Water Pollution (Water) (Topic)
            SRPN: Water Supply (Topic)
            SRPN: Wetlands (Topic)