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The most commonly accepted definition of “sustainability” incorporates a holistic understanding that considers how we “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The emergence of the modern field of sustainability has offered a new set of guiding principles for global development, public policy, and business. The so-called “Triple Bottom Line” – or “people, profit, planet” – today encourages the simultaneous consideration of environmental, social, and economic factors in business and value chain decisions. As our global society confronts the unprecedented challenges of a changing climate, with increased severe weather events, disrupted ecosystems, sea-level rise, potential resource shortages and new migration patterns, our consideration of sustainability in matters of trade and human organization has become a matter not only of ethics but also of adaptation and survival.

The topic of Sustainability is a cross-cutting area of research and practice with a wide array of applications. SRPN provides a common platform for this intersectional work that spans biology, conservation and pollution, the built environment, urban policy, food and agriculture, international governance, corporate social responsibility, technology and innovation, energy and infrastructure. The vast content of SRPN – populated by international researchers – provides cutting-edge information on the impacts of new and evolving climate events and policies. Our classifiers work to organize articles in a way that both enhances subject matter searchability and acknowledges the multi-disciplinary implications of each piece of work.

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