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SIRN Subject Matter eJournals
      Disability Income & Work Injury Compensation eJournal subscribe_fee
            SIRN: Other Sickness & Disability Insurance (Topic)
                  SIRN: Comparative International (Other) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Family Medical Leave (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Pregnancy & Infant Care (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Private Disability Insurance (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Sick Leave (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Temporary Disability (TDI) State Programs (Sub-Topic)
            SIRN: Social Security Disability Insurance (Topic)
                  SIRN: Determination of Benefits (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Income Adequacy of Beneficiaries (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Integration with Other Programs Such as Workers Compensation (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Integration with Social Security Retirement Policy (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Ticket to Work & Other Work Incentives (Sub-Topic)
            SIRN: Workers' Compensation (Topic)
                  SIRN: Adequacy of Income Benefits (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Comparative International (Workers') (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Coverage Trends (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Financing (Workers') (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Health Care (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Interaction with Other Programs Such as Medicare (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Permanent Partial Disability (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Special Programs (Mining, Federal Workers, etc.) (Sub-Topic)
      Health Care Delivery & Financing eJournal subscribe_fee
            SIRN: Health Expenditures (Topic)
                  SIRN: Comparative Analyses of Health Expenditures (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Cost Containment (Health) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Demographic Implications for the Future (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Role of Technology & Prescription Drugs (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Spending Trends (Sub-Topic)
            SIRN: Health Insurance (Topic)
                  SIRN: Comparative Health Insurance Models (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Consequences of Lack of Insurance (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Employer-Based Health Insurance (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Health Insurance Reform (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Individual Health Insurance (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Rates of Coverage (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: State Health Insurance Reform (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Types of Health Insurance Models (Comprehensive, Catastrophic, Consumer-Driven, Fee for Services v. Capitation) (Sub-Topic)
            SIRN: Long-Term Care (Topic)
                  SIRN: Current Financing & Delivery System (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Demographic Implications (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Reform Efforts (Long-Term) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Role of Housing, Family & Community Supports (Sub-Topic)
            SIRN: Medicaid (Health Care Delivery) (Topic)
                  SIRN: Benefits, Mandatory & Optional (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Cost Containment, Including Federal & State Budget Issues (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Coverage, Including Mandatory & Optional Coverage Groups (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Delivery Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Disproportionate Share Hospitals (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Dual Eligibles (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Federal-State Relationship (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Financing (Medicaid) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: History (Medicaid) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Intergovernmental Transfers (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: State Child Health Insurance Program (Sub-Topic)
            SIRN: Medicare (Topic)
                  SIRN: Cost Containment (Medicare) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Coverage Policy, Including Technology (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Delivery System (Fee for Service & Capitation Models) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Effects of Medicare on General Health Care System (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Financing System (Payroll Tax, Premiums, Deductibles & Coinsurance) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: History (Medicare) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Medical Education (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Prescription Drug Benefit (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Quality Issues (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Racial & Ethnic Disparities in Provision of Care (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Reform Efforts (Medicare) (Sub-Topic)
      Poverty, Income Distribution & Income Assistance eJournal subscribe_fee
            SIRN: Low Income Elderly (Topic)
                  SIRN: Food Stamps & Other Food Assistance (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: International Comparisons (Elderly) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Medicaid (Elderly) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Overall Income Security (Elderly) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Social Security (Elderly) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: SSI (Elderly) (Sub-Topic)
            SIRN: Low Income Families with Children (Topic)
                  SIRN: EITC (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Food Stamps (Families with Children) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: IDA (Families with Children) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: International Comparisons (Families with Children) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Medicaid (Families with Children) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Overall Income Security (Families with Children) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: SSI (Families with Children) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: TANF (Sub-Topic)
            SIRN: Low Income Persons with Disabilities (Topic)
                  SIRN: Food Stamps (Persons with Disabilities) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: IDA (Persons with Disabilities) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: International Comparisons (Persons with Disabilities) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Medicaid (Persons with Disabilities) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Overall Income Security (Persons with Disabilities) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: SSDI (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: SSI (Persons with Disabilities) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Tax Policies (Sub-Topic)
            SIRN: The Intersection of Social Welfare & Social Insurance (Topic)
      Social Security, Pensions & Retirement Income eJournal subscribe_fee
            SIRN: Employment-Based Pensions (Topic)
                  SIRN: Funding of DB Pensions & PBGC Policy (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Pension Coverage (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Pension Reform (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Pension Type (Defined Benefit/Defined Contribution) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Spousal Protections (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Tax Policy (Sub-Topic)
            SIRN: Retirement Income (Topic)
                  SIRN: Adequacy of Retirement Income (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Historical Trends (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: International Comparisons (Retirement) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Retirement Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
            SIRN: Social Security (Topic)
                  SIRN: Adequacy of Benefits/Retirement Income (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Impact on At-Risk Populations (Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Advanced Age) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: International Comparisons (Social) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Public Understanding/Political Process (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Social Security Reform (Sub-Topic)
      Unemployment Insurance eJournal subscribe_fee
            SIRN: Prevention & Return to Work Policies (Topic)
                  SIRN: International Comparisons (Prevention) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Job Search (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Training (Sub-Topic)
            SIRN: Wage Replacement Policies (Topic)
                  SIRN: Adequacy (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Coverage (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Duration of Unemployment & Re-Employment (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Extended Benefits & Emergency Benefits (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Health Care Including HCTC (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: International Comparisons (Wage) (Sub-Topic)
                  SIRN: Tax Structure (Sub-Topic)