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Public Health Research Network Subject Matter eJournals

PublicHealthRN Subject Matter eJournals
      Aging & Long-Term Care eJournal subscribe_fee
      Child Public Health eJournal subscribe_fee
      Environment & Human Health eJournal subscribe_fee
            PublicHealthRN: Built Environment & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Climate Change & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Demography Related to Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Food & Water Insecurity (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Green Space & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Natural Disasters & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Other Environment & Human Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Toxicology & Other Pollutants (Topic)
      Epidemiology of Human Health & Disease eJournal subscribe_fee
            PublicHealthRN: Disease Outbreaks & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Epidemiological Methods (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Other Epidemiology of Human Health & Disease (Topic)
      Finance & Economics of Public Health eJournal subscribe_fee
      Global Health Organizations & Partnerships eJournal subscribe_fee
      Global Public Health eJournal subscribe_fee
            PublicHealthRN: HIV & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Infectious Diseases & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Obesity, Nutrition & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Other Global Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Poverty & Vulnerable Populations (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Public Health in Conflict & Post Conflict Countries (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Substance Abuse & Public Health (Topic)
      Health Systems eJournal subscribe_fee
            PublicHealthRN: Community Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Comparative Health Systems (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Health Systems & Reform (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Other Health Systems (Topic)
      Occupational Health eJournal subscribe_fee
      Politics & Governance of Public Health eJournal subscribe_fee
      Public Health Communications eJournal subscribe_fee
      Public Health Educator: Courses, Cases, & Teaching eJournal subscribe_fee
      Public Health Management & Organization eJournal subscribe_fee
            PublicHealthRN: Information Science & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Leadership in Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Other Public Health Management & Organization (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Public Health & Operations Management (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Public Health & Organizational Behavior (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Quality Improvements & Quantitative Methods in Public Health (Topic)
      Public Health Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Public Health Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
      Social Determinants of Public Health eJournal subscribe_fee
            PublicHealthRN: Access to Health Care (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Health Disparity Resulting from Poverty (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Housing & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Migration & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Other Social Determinants of Public Health (Topic)
      Technology & Innovation in Public Health eJournal subscribe_fee
            PublicHealthRN: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Biostatistics & Bioinformatics in Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Ethics of New Technology & Innovations in Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Legal & Regulatory Protection of Public Health Data (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Other Technology & Innovation in Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Public Health Innovation (Topic)
      Violence & Public Health eJournal subscribe_fee
            PublicHealthRN: Intimate Partner Violence (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Other Violence & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Public Health & Gun Violence (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Sexual Violence (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Suicide & Unintentional Harm (Topic)
      Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) eJournal subscribe_fee
      Women & Public Health eJournal subscribe_fee
            PublicHealthRN: Maternal & Adolescent Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Other Women & Public Health (Topic)
            PublicHealthRN: Sexual & Reproductive Health (Topic)