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Public health is the science of protecting, promoting, and improving the health of individuals and their communities. The Public Health Research Network on SSRN is an open access preprint server that provides a venue for authors to showcase their research papers in our digital library, speeding up dissemination and providing the scholarly community access to groundbreaking working papers and early-stage research. SSRN provides the opportunity to share different outputs of research such as preliminary or exploratory investigations, book chapters, PhD dissertations, course and teaching materials, presentations, and posters, among others.

Scholars, researchers, and advocates in public health are addressing some of today's most critical issues affecting global populations, such as aging and long-term care, the public health consequences of climate change, occupational health, child and maternal health, disparities in health care access and provision, and behavioral and cultural factors that impact public health progress. SSRN helps public health practitioners and scholars discover the latest research in their own and other areas of research including medicine, nursing, law, and women's and gender studies while providing a unique opportunity for researchers to submit early and novel work for review, feedback, and use by researchers within and beyond public health.

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