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Political Science Network eJournal Taxonomy

PSN Subject Matter eJournals
      Conflict Studies eJournals
            Conflict Studies eJournal, Archives of Vols. 1-8, 2007-14
            Conflict Studies: Domestic Politics eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Conflict & Electoral Politics (Topic)
                  PSN: Foreign Policy-Making (Topic)
                  PSN: History of Domestic Politics and Conflict (Topic)
                  PSN: Military Spending/Bureaucracy (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Domestic Politics & Conflict (Topic)
                  PSN: Political Institutions & Conflict (Topic)
                  PSN: Public Opinion/Support (Topic)
            Conflict Studies: Effects of Conflict eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Economic Effects (Topic)
                  PSN: History of Effects of Conflicts (Topic)
                  PSN: Human Cost (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Effects of Conflict (Topic)
                  PSN: Political Institutions (Topic)
                  PSN: Public Opinion/Psychology (Topic)
                  PSN: Refugees (Effects) (Topic)
            Conflict Studies: Inter-State Conflict eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Arms Races & Arms Control (Topic)
                  PSN: Case Studies (Topic)
                  PSN: Causes of War (Topic)
                  PSN: Colonization/Occupation (Topic)
                  PSN: Cyber-Conflict (Inter-State) (Topic)
                  PSN: History of Inter-State Conflicts (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Inter-State Conflict (Topic)
                  PSN: Strategy, Tactics, Logistics (Topic)
            Conflict Studies: International Cooperation eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Alliances/Inter-State Relationships (Topic)
                  PSN: History of International Cooperation (Topic)
                  PSN: International Agreements/Treaties (Topic)
                  PSN: Other International Cooperation (Topic)
                  PSN: Regional Cooperation (Topic)
                  PSN: Security Cooperation (Topic)
                  PSN: UN/Security Council (Topic)
            Conflict Studies: International Relations Theory eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Constructivism (Topic)
                  PSN: Gender Studies (Topic)
                  PSN: History of International Relations Theory (Topic)
                  PSN: Liberalism (Topic)
                  PSN: Marxism/Class-System Theory (Topic)
                  PSN: Other International Relations Theory & Conflict (Topic)
                  PSN: Post-Modernism (Topic)
                  PSN: Realism (Topic)
                  PSN: Rhetoric of Conflict (Topic)
            Conflict Studies: Intra-State Conflict eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Civil Wars (Topic)
                  PSN: Electoral Violence (Topic)
                  PSN: Ethnic/Religious Conflict (Topic)
                  PSN: History of Intra-State Conflicts (Topic)
                  PSN: Insurgents/Counterinsurgency (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Intra-State Conflict (Topic)
                  PSN: Protest/Social Movements (Topic)
                  PSN: Resource Wars (Topic)
                  PSN: Secessionist Movements (Topic)
            Conflict Studies: Prevention, Management & Resolution eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: History of Prevention, Management & Resolution (Topic)
                  PSN: International Law (Conflict Studies) (Topic)
                  PSN: International Peace-Keeping (Topic)
                  PSN: Negotiation & Conflict Resolution (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Conflict Prevention, Management & Resolution (Topic)
                  PSN: Post-Conflict Reconciliation (Topic)
                  PSN: Strategies of Self-Defense (Topic)
            Conflict Studies: Scientific Study eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Conflict & Empirical Methods (Topic)
                  PSN: Formal Models of Conflict (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Conflict Studies: Scientific Study (Topic)
            Conflict Studies: Terrorism eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Causes of Terrorism (Topic)
                  PSN: Combating Terrorism (Topic)
                  PSN: Cyber-Conflict (Terrorism) (Topic)
                  PSN: Defining Terrorism (Topic)
                  PSN: Effects of Terrorism (Topic)
                  PSN: History of Terrorism (Topic)
                  PSN: International Law/Rule of Law & Terrorism (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Terrorism (Topic)
                  PSN: Terrorism Case Studies (Topic)
      Games & Political Behavior eJournal subscribe_fee
            PSN: Bargaining Theory (Topic)
            PSN: Computational Models (Games) (Topic)
            PSN: Game Theory & Experiments (Topic)
            PSN: Game Theory (Topic)
            PSN: Other Games & Political Behavior (Topic)
            PSN: Public Choice (Topic)
            PSN: Social Choice & Welfare (Topic)
      Other Political Science eJournal subscribe_fee
      Political Behavior eJournals
            Political Behavior: Cognition, Psychology, & Behavior eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Computational Models of Political Behavior (Topic)
                  PSN: Neuro-Politics/Neuro-Law (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Behavior: Cognition, Psychology, & Behavior (Topic)
                  PSN: Political Behavior (Topic)
                  PSN: Political Cognition (Topic)
                  PSN: Political Communication (Topic)
                  PSN: Political Psychology (Topic)
            Political Behavior: Gender Politics eJournal subscribe_fee
            Political Behavior: Race, Ethnicity & Immigration Politics eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Other Political Behavior: Race, Ethnicity & Identity Politics (Topic)
                  PSN: Politics of Ethnicity (Topic)
                  PSN: Politics of Immigration (Topic)
                  PSN: Politics of Race (Topic)
                  PSN: Social Movements (Topic)
            Political Behavior: Voting & Public Opinion eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Ballot Structure, Voting Technology & Election Law (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Behavior: Voting & Public Opinion (Topic)
                  PSN: Public Opinion (Topic)
                  PSN: Survey Methods & Measures (Topic)
                  PSN: Voters & Elections (Topic)
      Political Economy - Comparative eJournals
            Comparative Political Economy: Comparative Capitalism eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Authoritarian/Controlled Economies (Topic)
                  PSN: Culture & Capitalism (Topic)
                  PSN: GNP/GDP Growth (Topic)
                  PSN: Income Inequality (Topic)
                  PSN: Liberal Market Economies (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Comparative Capitalism (Topic)
                  PSN: Regime Transitions (Comparative) (Topic)
                  PSN: Welfare Capitalism (Topic)
            Comparative Political Economy: Comparative Regional Economies eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Africa (Comparative) (Topic)
                  PSN: East/South Asia & South Pacific (Topic)
                  PSN: Europe & Eurasia (Comparative) (Topic)
                  PSN: Middle East (Comparative) (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Comparative Regional Economies (Comparative) (Topic)
                  PSN: South America (Topic)
                  PSN: US/North America (Topic)
            Comparative Political Economy: Fiscal Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Budgeting (Comparative) (Topic)
                  PSN: Deficit Spending & Reduction (Topic)
                  PSN: Energy & Carbon Taxes (Topic)
                  PSN: Growth & Stability (Fiscal) (Topic)
                  PSN: Income Tax (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Fiscal Policy (Topic)
                  PSN: Property Tax (Topic)
                  PSN: Public Spending (Comparative) (Topic)
                  PSN: Responses to Financial Crisis (Comparative - Fiscal) (Topic)
                  PSN: Sales & VAT Tax (Topic)
            Comparative Political Economy: Monetary Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Central Banks & Reserves (Topic)
                  PSN: Exchange Rates & Currency (Comparative) (Topic)
                  PSN: Growth & Stability (Monetary) (Topic)
                  PSN: Inflation (Topic)
                  PSN: Monetary Union (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Monetary Policy (Topic)
                  PSN: Response to Financial Crisis (Comparative - Monetary) (Topic)
            Comparative Political Economy: Regulation eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Anti-Trust (Topic)
                  PSN: Energy (Comparative) (Topic)
                  PSN: Environment (Topic)
                  PSN: Health (Comparative) (Topic)
                  PSN: Labor (Topic)
                  PSN: Markets & Investment (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Regulation (Topic)
                  PSN: Product Safety (Topic)
                  PSN: Telecommunications (Topic)
            Comparative Political Economy: Social Welfare Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Food Assistance (Topic)
                  PSN: Health Care (Topic)
                  PSN: Housing (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Social Welfare Policy (Topic)
                  PSN: Pensions & Retirement (Topic)
                  PSN: Poverty (Social) (Topic)
                  PSN: Unemployment Insurance (Topic)
            Political Economy: Comparative Political Economy eJournal, Archives of Vols. 1-7, 2007-13
      Political Economy - Development eJournals
            Political Economy - Development: Comparative Regional Economies eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Africa (Development) (Topic)
                  PSN: Asia & South East Asia (Topic)
                  PSN: Central & South America (Topic)
                  PSN: Europe & Eurasia (Development) (Topic)
                  PSN: Far East & Pacific (Topic)
                  PSN: Middle East (Development) (Topic)
                  PSN: North America (Development) (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Comparative Regional Economies (Development) (Topic)
            Political Economy - Development: Domestic Development Strategies eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Economic Growth (Topic)
                  PSN: Infrastructure & Communication (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Domestic Development Strategies (Topic)
                  PSN: Political Reform (Topic)
                  PSN: Rural & Agricultural Development (Topic)
                  PSN: Science & Technology (Topic)
                  PSN: Trade Policy (Topic)
                  PSN: Urbanization & Urban Development (Topic)
            Political Economy - Development: Environment eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Deforestation (Topic)
                  PSN: Environmental Regulation (Topic)
                  PSN: Global Warming & Climate Change (Topic)
                  PSN: Migration (Topic)
                  PSN: Natural Disasters (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Environment (Topic)
                  PSN: Renewable Resources & Energy (Topic)
                  PSN: Sustainable Development (Topic)
            Political Economy - Development: Fiscal & Monetary Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Budgeting (Development) (Topic)
                  PSN: Central Banking & Reserves (Topic)
                  PSN: Debt (Topic)
                  PSN: Interest Rates (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Fiscal & Monetary Policy (Topic)
                  PSN: Public Spending (Development) (Topic)
                  PSN: Responses to Financial Crises (Development) (Topic)
                  PSN: Taxation (Topic)
            Political Economy - Development: Health eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Access to Care (Topic)
                  PSN: Child Mortality (Topic)
                  PSN: Disease & Illness (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Health (Topic)
                  PSN: Population & Family Planning (Topic)
                  PSN: Prescription Drugs & Antibiotics (Topic)
            Political Economy - Development: International Development Efforts & Strategies eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Comparative Poverty (Topic)
                  PSN: Debt Forgiveness & Loans (Topic)
                  PSN: Foreign Aid (Topic)
                  PSN: Foreign Direct Investment (Development) (Topic)
                  PSN: Micro-Loans (Topic)
                  PSN: Other International Development Efforts & Strategies (Topic)
                  PSN: World Bank & International Monetary Fund (Topic)
            Political Economy - Development: Political Institutions eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Comparative Political Institutions & Development (Topic)
                  PSN: Constitutions & Constitutional Design (Topic)
                  PSN: Culture (Topic)
                  PSN: Financial Institutions (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Development & Political Institutions (Topic)
                  PSN: Regime Type & Development (Topic)
            Political Economy - Development: Public Service Delivery eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Education (Topic)
                  PSN: Energy (Development) (Topic)
                  PSN: Health Care Delivery (Topic)
                  PSN: Infrastructure (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Public Service Delivery (Topic)
                  PSN: Public Administration (Development) (Topic)
                  PSN: Security & Safety (Topic)
                  PSN: Water (Topic)
            Political Economy - Development: Underdevelopment & Poverty eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Conflict (Topic)
                  PSN: Corruption (Topic)
                  PSN: Culture & Underdevelopment (Topic)
                  PSN: North/South Relations (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Underdevelopment & Poverty (Topic)
                  PSN: Poverty Traps (Topic)
                  PSN: Resource Curse (Topic)
            Political Economy: Development eJournal, Archives of Vols. 1-6, 2008-13
      Political Economy - International eJournals
            International Political Economy: Globalization eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Communications (Topic)
                  PSN: Economic Effects of Globalization (Topic)
                  PSN: Global Labor Market (Topic)
                  PSN: Globalization & Culture (Topic)
                  PSN: Interdependence (Topic)
                  PSN: Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) (Globalization) (Topic)
                  PSN: Other International Political Economy: Globalization (Topic)
                  PSN: State & Political Institutions (Topic)
                  PSN: Technology (Topic)
            International Political Economy: Investment & Finance eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Foreign Direct Investment (International) (Topic)
                  PSN: Global Banking (Topic)
                  PSN: Global Markets (Topic)
                  PSN: International Financial Crises (Topic)
                  PSN: International Lending (Topic)
                  PSN: Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) (International) (Topic)
                  PSN: Other International Political Economy: Investment & Finance (Topic)
            International Political Economy: Migration eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Brain Drain (Topic)
                  PSN: Environmental Migration (Topic)
                  PSN: Human Trafficking (Topic)
                  PSN: Migrant Workers (Topic)
                  PSN: Other International Political Economy: Migration (Topic)
                  PSN: Patterns of Emigration (Topic)
                  PSN: Refugees (Migration) (Topic)
            International Political Economy: Monetary Relations eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Debt Crises (Topic)
                  PSN: Exchange Rates & Currency (International) (Topic)
                  PSN: Inflation & Interest Rates (Topic)
                  PSN: International Monetary Fund (Topic)
                  PSN: Other International Political Economy: Monetary Relations (Topic)
                  PSN: Regional Monetary Union (Topic)
            International Political Economy: Trade Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Free Trade Agreements (Topic)
                  PSN: Import/Export Strategies (Topic)
                  PSN: International Trade Regulation (Topic)
                  PSN: Other International Political Economy: Trade Policy (Topic)
                  PSN: Politics of the WTO (Topic)
                  PSN: Trade Relationships (Topic)
            Political Economy: International Political Economy eJournal, Archives of Vols. 1-7, 2007-13
      Political Institutions eJournals
            Law & Politics eJournal subscribe_fee
                  LSN: Comparative Law & Analysis (Topic)
                  LSN: Empirical Studies (Law & Politics) (Topic)
                  LSN: Jurisprudence & Theoretical Inquiry (Topic)
                  LSN: Structure of Government & Separation of Powers (Topic)
                  LSN: The Judiciary & Judicial Process (Topic)
            Law & Positive Political Theory eJournal subscribe_fee
            Political Institutions: Bureaucracies & Public Administration eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Bureaucratic Behavior (Topic)
                  PSN: Bureaucratic Relations with Other Branches (Topic)
                  PSN: Delegation & Agency (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Institutions: Bureaucracies & Public Administration (Topic)
                  PSN: Policy Analysis (Topic)
                  PSN: Public Administration (Institutions) (Topic)
                  PSN: Public Policy (Topic)
            Political Institutions: Constitutions eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Constitutions & Constitutional Development (Topic)
                  PSN: Initiatives & Referenda (Constitutions) (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Institutions: Constitutions (Topic)
                  PSN: Rule of Law (Topic)
            Political Institutions: Elections eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Ballot Access (Topic)
                  PSN: Campaign Finance Law & Policy (Topic)
                  PSN: Campaigns (Topic)
                  PSN: Districting & Redistricting (Topic)
                  PSN: Electoral Administration (Topic)
                  PSN: Electoral Formulae (Topic)
                  PSN: Electoral Institutions (Topic)
                  PSN: Initiatives & Referenda (Elections) (Topic)
                  PSN: Nomination Procedures (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Institutions: Elections (Topic)
                  PSN: Suffrage & Voter Registration (Topic)
            Political Institutions: Federalism & Sub-National Politics eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Comparative Federal Institutions (Topic)
                  PSN: Intergovernmental Relations & Federalism (Topic)
                  PSN: Local Politics & Policy (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Institutions: Federalism & Sub-National Politics (Topic)
                  PSN: State Politics & Policy (Topic)
            Political Institutions: International Institutions eJournals
                  International Institutions: Courts eJournal subscribe_fee
                        PSN: Courts of Human Rights (Topic)
                        PSN: Domestic Politics & International Courts (Topic)
                        PSN: International Criminal Court (Topic)
                        PSN: Other International Institutions: Courts (Topic)
                        PSN: Regional Tribunals (Topic)
                  International Institutions: European Union eJournal subscribe_fee
                        PSN: Ascension/Harmonization (Topic)
                        PSN: Other International Institutions: European Union (Topic)
                        PSN: Political Institutions of the European Union (Topic)
                        PSN: Public Opinion in the EU (Topic)
                        PSN: Public Policy in the European Union (Topic)
                  International Institutions: Laws, Rule-Making/Interpretation, & Compliance eJournal subscribe_fee
                        PSN: International Law (Political Institutions) (Topic)
                        PSN: International Law/Compliance (Topic)
                        PSN: International Rule-Making/Interpretation (Topic)
                        PSN: Other International Institutions: Laws, Rule-Making/Interpretation, & Compliance (Topic)
                  International Institutions: Politics of International Institutions & Global Governance eJournal subscribe_fee
                        PSN: Alliances (Topic)
                        PSN: Global/International Economic Institutions (Topic)
                        PSN: International Development Institutions (Topic)
                        PSN: Other International Institutions: Politics of International Institutions & Global Governance (Topic)
                        PSN: Politics of the UN (Topic)
                  International Institutions: Regional Governance eJournal subscribe_fee
                        PSN: Africa (Topic)
                        PSN: Asia/South East Asia (Topic)
                        PSN: Europe/Eurasia (Topic)
                        PSN: Latin America/South America (Topic)
                        PSN: Middle East (Topic)
                        PSN: North America (International Institutions) (Topic)
                        PSN: Other International Institutions: Regional Governance (Topic)
                  International Institutions: Transnational Networks eJournal subscribe_fee
                        PSN: Democracy Promotion (Topic)
                        PSN: Environmental Networks (Topic)
                        PSN: Global Social Movements (Topic)
                        PSN: Health/Wellness (Topic)
                        PSN: Human Rights Networks (Topic)
                        PSN: International Criminal Organizations (Topic)
                        PSN: Labor/Occupational Groups (Topic)
                        PSN: Other International Institutions: Transnational Networks (Topic)
                  Political Institutions: International Institutions eJournal, Archives of Vols. 1-8, 2007-14
            Political Institutions: Legislatures eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Committees (Topic)
                  PSN: Legislative Elections (Topic)
                  PSN: Legislative Parties (Legislatures) (Topic)
                  PSN: Legislative Policy & Procedures (Topic)
                  PSN: Legislatures, Executives, & Bureaucracies (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Institutions: Legislatures (Topic)
                  PSN: Parliaments (Topic)
                  PSN: Roll-Call Voting (Topic)
            Political Institutions: Non-Democratic Regimes eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Other Political Institutions: Non-Democratic Regimes (Topic)
                  PSN: Politics of Autocratic Regimes (Topic)
                  PSN: Regime Transitions (Political Institutions) (Topic)
                  PSN: Regime Types (Topic)
            Political Institutions: Parties, Interest Groups & Other Political Organizations eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Coalitions (Topic)
                  PSN: Government (Topic)
                  PSN: Interest Groups & Peak Associations (Topic)
                  PSN: Leadership (Topic)
                  PSN: Legislative Parties (Parties) (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Institutions: Parties, Interest Groups & Other Political Organizations (Topic)
                  PSN: Political Parties (Topic)
            Political Institutions: The President & Executives eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Administrative Controls (Topic)
                  PSN: Executive Authority (Topic)
                  PSN: Legislative Relations (Topic)
                  PSN: Opinion Leadership (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Institutions: The President & Executives (Topic)
                  PSN: Staffing (Topic)
      Political Methods eJournals
            Political Methods: Computational eJournal subscribe_fee
            Political Methods: Experiments & Experimental Design eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Analysis of Experimental Data (Topic)
                  PSN: Experimental Design (Topic)
                  PSN: Field Experiments (Topic)
                  PSN: Laboratory Experiments (Topic)
                  PSN: Multiple Experimental Approaches (e.g., Laboratory & Survey) (Topic)
                  PSN: Natural Experiments (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Methods: Experiments & Experimental Design (Topic)
                  PSN: Quasi-Experiment (Topic)
                  PSN: Survey Experiments (Topic)
            Political Methods: Qualitative & Multiple Methods eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Case Study Methods (Topic)
                  PSN: Multimethod Designs (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Methods: Qualitative & Multiple Methods (Topic)
                  PSN: Qualitative Measures (Topic)
            Political Methods: Quantitative Methods eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Computational Models (Quantitative) (Topic)
                  PSN: Econometrics, Polimetrics, & Statistics (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Methods: Quantitative Methods (Topic)
      Political Science Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal subscribe_fee
            PSN Educator: American (Topic)
            PSN Educator: Comparative Politics (Topic)
            PSN Educator: International Relations (Topic)
            PSN Educator: Other (Topic)
            PSN Educator: Political Theory (Topic)
            PSN Educator: Public Administration (Topic)
      Political Science Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Political Theory eJournals
            Political Theory: History of Political Thought eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Ancient (Topic)
                  PSN: Modern (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Theory: History of Political Thought (Topic)
                  PSN: Post-Modern (Topic)
            Political Theory: Political Philosophy eJournal subscribe_fee
                  PSN: Citizenship (Topic)
                  PSN: Deliberation (Topic)
                  PSN: Democratic Theory (Topic)
                  PSN: Justice (Topic)
                  PSN: Other Political Theory: Political Philosophy (Topic)
      Race & Social Inequity eJournal subscribe_free