Political Science Network

The Political Science Network (PSN) is directed by David A. Lake and Mathew D. McCubbins. Lake is Professor, University of California, San Diego. McCubbins is Ruth F. De Varney Professor of Political Science and Professor of Law at Duke University.

Professional Announcements and Job Openings:

PSN Professional Announcements is distributed weekly and includes announcements including conferences, professional meetings, calls for papers, and Professional Job Openings. Please contact Announcements@SSRN.com for more information.


Subscribing to any of the Political Science Network's eJournals provides the most efficient and convenient way to receive the latest research from the world's foremost researchers. At the organizational level, Site Subscriptions can be customized to meet your faculty's needs, including number of subscribers and research areas of interest. Please contact Sales@ssrn.com for individual or site subscription information.

Research Paper Series:

Political Science Network Research Paper Series offer your institution a way to showcase and distribute the research of your faculty and staff. Creating a Research Paper Series (RPS) for your institution will give you the most exposure for your faculty's work and is an excellent way to create awareness and disseminate your research. Please contact Sales@ssrn.com for more information.

Conference Proceedings:

Our Proceedings Hosting Solution offers an opportunity to archive and announce your proceedings within SSRN’s extensive library and community. Build your subscriber base by distributing the conference proceedings each year. Please contact conference@ssrn.com for more information.

Professional Directory:

We encourage the readers of our journals to communicate directly with other members of the SSRN Community regarding their own and other's research. To help facilitate this interchange, we make contact information for each author available on our web site. To obtain contact information, you can search for an author or click on an author's name anywhere in our system.

SSRN's Commitments to Users:

SSRN's objective is to provide worldwide distribution of research to authors and their readers and to facilitate communication among them at the lowest possible cost. We allow authors to upload papers without charge, and any paper an author uploads to SSRN is downloadable for free, worldwide. SSRN also provides free subscriptions to all of our eJournals to users in developing countries on request. We allow publishers and other institutions to charge users for downloads, but insist that the price for such papers on SSRN cannot exceed the lowest non-subscriber price for these papers anywhere on the web. The vast majority of downloads of papers from the SSRN eLibrary are free.

The 370,000+ authors who have contributed their research to SSRN have trusted us with their intellectual output. We are committed to fulfilling that trust. We are authors, and we respect, above all, our authors' rights in their material. We have never and will never behave opportunistically with our authors' material. You have our word on this.