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Corporate Strategy & Business Policy Research Network Subject Matter eJournals

POL Subject Matter eJournals
      Change Management Strategy eJournal subscribe_fee
            POL: Adaptive Leadership Strategies (Topic)
            POL: Complexity & Chaos Strategies (Topic)
            POL: Cultural-Cognitive Change Management Strategies (Topic)
            POL: Innovation & Strategy (Topic)
            POL: Other Change Management Strategy (Topic)
      Corporate Strategy & Business Policy Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Diversification Strategy & Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
            POL: Horizontal Diversification (Topic)
            POL: Other Diversification Strategy & Policy (Topic)
            POL: Unrelated Diversification (Topic)
            POL: Vertical Diversification (Topic)
      Industry Specific Strategy & Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
            POL: Manufacturing Industry (Topic)
            POL: Other Industry Specific Strategy & Policy (Topic)
            POL: Retail Industry (Topic)
            POL: Service Industry (Topic)
            POL: Wholesale Industry (Topic)
      International Strategy & Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
            POL: Asia Markets (Topic)
            POL: European Markets (Topic)
            POL: Middle Eastern Markets (Topic)
            POL: North & South American Markets (Topic)
            POL: Other International Strategy & Policy (Topic)
            POL: Underdeveloped Third World Markets (Topic)
      Other Corporate Strategy & Business Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
      Resource Based Strategy & Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
            POL: Accounting View of the Firm (Topic)
            POL: Economic View of the Firm (Topic)
            POL: Other Resource Based Strategy & Policy (Topic)
            POL: Resource Financing Strategies (Topic)
            POL: Value Chain Management (Topic)
      Strategy & Macroeconomic Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
            POL: Federal Reserve Monetary Policy (Topic)
            POL: Global Economic Markets (Topic)
            POL: Government Fiscal & Taxation Policies (Topic)
            POL: Government Regulation (Topic)
            POL: International Monetary Policy & Exchange Rates (Topic)
            POL: Other Strategy & Macroeconomic Policy (Topic)
      Strategy & Microeconomic Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
            POL: Cost Minimization & Control (Topic)
            POL: Other Strategy & Microeconomic Policy (Topic)
            POL: Production Efficiency (Topic)
            POL: Profit Maximization (Topic)
            POL: Resource Efficiency (Topic)
            POL: Value Chain Performance (Topic)
      Strategy & Social Policies eJournal subscribe_fee
            POL: Environmental Responsibility Practices (Topic)
            POL: Integrity Practices (Topic)
            POL: Moral & Ethical Practices (Topic)
            POL: Other Strategy & Social Policies (Topic)
            POL: Social Responsibility Practices (Topic)
      Strategy Models for Firm Performance Enhancement eJournal subscribe_fee
            POL: Boundary Spanning & Mapping Models (Topic)
            POL: Economic Resource Planning Models (Topic)
            POL: Human Resource Management Models (Topic)
            POL: Integrated Accounting Models (Topic)
            POL: Other Strategy Models for Firm Performance Enhancement (Topic)