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Pharmaceutical Science Research Network Subject Matter eJournals

PharmSciRN Subject Matter eJournals
      Drug Discovery & Design eJournal subscribe_fee
            PharmSciRN: Computer-Assisted Drug Discovery & Design (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Bioinformatics Tools (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Chemoinformatics Techniques (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Ligand-Based Drug Design (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Machine Learning Techniques in Drug Discovery (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Molecular Modeling & Docking (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Computer-Assisted Drug Discovery & Design (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Structure-Based Drug Design (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Virtual Drug Screening (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Disease & System-Specific Drug Discovery (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Antibiotic Drug Discovery (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Cardiovascular Disease Drug Discovery (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Central Nervous System Drug Discovery (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Endocrinology Drug Discovery (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Infectious Disease Drug Discovery (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Disease & System-Specific Drug Discovery (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Drug Lead Optimization & Characterization (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Biophysical Characterization (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Drug Lead Optimization & Characterization (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Parallel Synthesis & Library Design (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Structure-Activity Relationships (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Drug Target Validations (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Assay Developments (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: In Vitro & In Vivo Screenings (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Drug Target Validations (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Target Selections & Identifications (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Other Drug Discovery & Design (Topic)
      Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry eJournal subscribe_fee
            PharmSciRN: Bioactive Compound Extraction & Purification (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Computational Chemistry (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Drug & Organic Synthesis (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Other Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Process Chemistry & Development (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Structural Analysis (Topic)
      Pharmaceutical Analysis eJournal subscribe_fee
            PharmSciRN: Analytical Chemistry Techniques & Methods (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Chromatography & Separation Technologies (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Electroanalytical Techniques (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Mass Spectrometry Methods (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Microscopy & Imaging Techniques (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Analytical Chemistry Techniques & Methods (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Spectroscopy Techniques (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Analytical Data Processing & Management (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Clinical Laboratory & Bioanalysis (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Antibody Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Bioanalytical Methods & Instrumentation (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Biosensors (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Carbohydrate Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Enzymatic Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Ligand Binding Assays (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Lipid & Steroid Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Nucleic Acid Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Clinical Laboratory & Bioanalysis (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Protein & Peptide Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Sample Treatments (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Xenobiotic Analysis (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Drug Molecule Analysis (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Emerging Pharmaceutical Analysis (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Microbiological Assays (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Other Pharmaceutical Analysis (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical Quality Control (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical Solid Material Analysis (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Phytochemical & Nutraceutical Analysis (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Qualitative Pharmaceutical Analysis (Topic)
      Pharmaceutical Biotechnology eJournal subscribe_fee
            PharmSciRN: Bioformulations (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Antibodies (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Biosimilars (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Cell Therapy (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Gene-Based Biopharmaceuticals (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Oligonucleotides (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Bioformulations (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Protein & Peptide Biopharmaceuticals (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Vaccines (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Biopharmaceutical Process & Product Development (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Biopharmaceutical Process & Product Developments (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Plant & Process Design (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Storage & Stability of Biopharmaceuticals (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Biopharmaceutical Product Formulation & Delivery (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Characterization of Biopharmaceuticals (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Other Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Topic)
      Pharmaceutical Business eJournal subscribe_fee
            PharmSciRN: Drug Packaging & Distribution (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Orphan Drugs (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Other Pharmaceutical Business (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Protection (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical Product Management (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmacoeconomics (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Technology in Pharma (Topic)
      Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence & Regulation eJournal subscribe_fee
            PharmSciRN: Other Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence & Regulation (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical & Health Policy (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical Ethics (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical Legislation (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical Regulation (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmacovigilance (Topic)
      Pharmaceutical Science Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal subscribe_fee
      Pharmaceutical Science Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Pharmaceutics eJournal subscribe_fee
            PharmSciRN: Drug Delivery (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Bioavailability & Drug Absorption (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Biologics Delivery (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Controlled Delivery (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Drug Administration (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Drug Delivery Strategies (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Drug Delivery (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Targeted Delivery (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Drug Packaging & Labeling (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Other Pharmaceutics (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical Formulation (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Excipients & Biomaterials (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Formulation Strategies (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Pharmaceutical Formulations (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Manufacturing Quality (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical Engineering (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Process Analytical Technology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Process Development (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Preformulation Development (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: API Solid Form Screening & Selection (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Drug Solubility & Dissolution (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Drug Stability & Degradation (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Preformulation Development (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Solid State Characterization & Techniques (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Tableting (Sub-Topic)
      Pharmacology & Toxicology eJournal subscribe_fee
            PharmSciRN: Clinical Pharmacology (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Drug Interactions (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Clinical Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Pharmacodynamics (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Pharmacoepidemiology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Pharmacogenetics & Pharmacogenomics (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Pharmacokinetics (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Translational Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Clinical Trials (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Behavioral Trials (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Clinical Data Management (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Clinical Trial Design & Protocols (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Diagnostic Trials (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Clinical Trials (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Prevention Trials (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Quality of Life Trials (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Screening Trials (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Treatment Trials (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Interdisciplinary Pharmacology (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Chronopharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Ethnopharmacology & Pharmacognosy (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Immunopharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Nanopharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Nutraceutical Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Interdisciplinary Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Pharmacopuncture (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Psychopharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Regenerative Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Drug-Enzyme Interactions (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Drug-Ion Channel Interactions (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Drug-Receptor Interactions (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Drug-Transporter Interactions (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Mechanism of Drug Action (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Molecular Drug Metabolism (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Molecular Signaling (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Organ & Disease-Specific Pharmacology (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Analgesic Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Cardiovascular Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Dermatopharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Endocrine & Metabolic Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Gastrointestinal Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Neuropharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Ocular Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Oncopharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Organ & Disease-Specific Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Pulmonary Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Urogenital Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Vascular Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Other Pharmacology & Toxicology (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Polypharmacology (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Reverse Pharmacology (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Toxicology & Drug Safety (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Adverse Drug Effects (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Biochemical & Mechanistic Toxicology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Genotoxicity (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Immunotoxicology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: In Vitro Toxicology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Neurotoxicology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Organ & System Toxicology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Toxicology & Drug Safety (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Safety Pharmacology (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Toxicokinetics (Sub-Topic)
      Pharmacy eJournal subscribe_fee
            PharmSciRN: Ethics in Pharmacy (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Medications in Pharmacy (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Other Pharmacy (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmacy Management (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmacy Patient Care (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Genomic & Precision Medicine (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Pharmacy Patient Care (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Patient Education (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Polypharmacy (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmacy Practices (Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Ambulatory Care Pharmacy (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Clinical Pharmacy (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Community Pharmacy (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Compounding Pharmacy (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Consulting Pharmacy (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Home Care Pharmacy (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Hospital Pharmacy (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Industrial Pharmacy (Sub-Topic)
                  PharmSciRN: Other Pharmacy Practice (Sub-Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Pharmacy Specializations (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Regulatory & Legal Aspects of Pharmacy (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Social Pharmacy (Topic)
            PharmSciRN: Technology in Pharmacy (Topic)