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First Look on SSRN is a place where journals identify and share content of interest prior to publication. First Look is a partnership between SSRN and some of the world’s most influential journals to provide rapid, early, and open access to evolving scholarly research. The early stage research shared can include preprints, accepted papers and papers under consideration.

First Look is a great opportunity for journals and their authors to share groundbreaking research with the world before anyone else. Researchers increasingly want to share their work early and widely, and First Look gives journals the opportunity to help authors do just that. When a journal has a First Look they are providing a seamless service to submitting authors who want to share a preprint version of their papers. With one click during the submission process to the journal, authors choose to post a preprint version of their paper on SSRN where it is curated and disseminated through SSRN's established and expansive research communities.

First Look offers both branded and non-branded services for journals. Branded First Looks have a journal homepage where all preprints associated with the journal will be posted. These preprints will also have the journal’s branding on their abstract pages. Non-branded First Looks allow authors to post their content as standard preprint in the SSRN general corpus. Both types of First Looks offer the same seamless submission process for authors.

For general questions about First Looks on SSRN visit the SSRN FAQ page.

For more details or questions, please contact Cathy Blocher, Content Manager


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Neuroscience publishes papers describing the results of original research on any aspect of the scientific study of the nervous system. Any paper, however short, will be considered for publication provided that it reports significant, new and carefully confirmed findings with full experimental details.

IBRO Neuroscience Reports is an Open Access journal which publishes papers describing the results of original research on any aspect of the scientific study of the nervous system. The journal welcomes preliminary, descriptive and small-scale results if they have the potential to stimulate and/or contribute to future research, leading to new insights or hypotheses.

We have partnered with SSRN to offer the IBRO Society's two journals, Neuroscience and IBRO Neuroscience Reports, as part of Neuroscience First Look, a preprint space where participating research is showcased as it undergoes the peer review process. This allows researchers to have early access to upcoming papers, and supports researchers in the early distribution of their results. The aim of this service is to reinforce the position of Neuroscience and IBRO Neuroscience Reports in the field of open science, as well as to help authors of both journals who are increasingly obliged (e.g., by funder mandates) or wish to post preprints.

Neuroscience First Look provides a preview of papers under review in these two IBRO journals totally free of charge. With a single click, authors can choose to post a preprint version of their article on SSRN at the time of submission. The publication status will be updated automatically when the article is reviewed and accepted.