NeuroImage: Clinical

NNeuroImage: Clinical considers articles covering diseases, disorders and syndromes involving the Nervous System and provides a vehicle for communicating important advances in the study of abnormal structure-function relationships of the human nervous system based on imaging.

NeuroImage: Clinical has partnered with SSRN to provide authors an option to easily share their manuscripts with the community for feedback while it undergoes the peer review process. Authors may choose to post a preprint version of their manuscript on SSRN during the submission process to the journal. Manuscripts will appear on the First Look page once editors invite expert reviewers to share their opinion on the work. The “under review” status of the preprint will be updated to “accepted” if the manuscript is accepted and updated to “preprint” if the manuscript is rejected.

Preprint findings should not be presented to a lay audience without highlighting that they are preliminary and have not been peer-reviewed.