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Management is a field of study that investigates phenomena of interest in planning, controlling, organizing, and directing resources to achieve the purpose of an organization. In addition to advancing management knowledge, the field also helps to promote effective managerial decision making and problem solving. By exploring the various facets of management within the business sphere, from finance to communication to marketing, researchers can be exposed to a wide range of thinking about current issues in management and business.

Management research encompasses a range of disciplines, including marketing, leadership, logistics, organizational studies, to name a few. SSRN is helpful to management researchers because it fosters interdisciplinary discovery. Current content from across the globe is available, and our classifiers identify intersections between disciplines in the way the content is classified. SSRN also brings attention to a broad array of scholarship including approaches that might not fit in with traditional theories or journal scopes.

Management research includes a very diverse set of disciplines. SSRN brings all researchers in these disciplines together in the Management Research Network (MRN) community. MRN helps (1) to promote awareness of researchers’ latest findings, (2) to find new collaboration opportunities with other researchers, (3) to create new interdisciplinary subjects and (4) to expand the management research landscape.

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