Marketing Research Network - Subject Matter Journals

Marketing Research Network eJournal Taxonomy

MKTG Subject Matter eJournals
      Behavioral Marketing eJournal subscribe_fee
            MKTG: Affect & Emotion (Topic)
            MKTG: Attitudes, Attitude Change, & Persuasion (Topic)
            MKTG: Consumer Decision Making & Search (Topic)
            MKTG: Consumer Information Processing (e.g., perception, learning, satisfaction) (Topic)
            MKTG: Culture & Consumer Behavior (Topic)
            MKTG: Economic Psychology & Economic Analysis of Consumer Behavior (Topic)
            MKTG: Group & Interpersonal Influence on Consumer Behavior (Topic)
            MKTG: Innovation & Diffusion (Topic)
            MKTG: Marketing Manager Behavior (Topic)
            MKTG: Methodological Issues in Consumer Research (Topic)
            MKTG: Personality & Individual Differences (Topic)
            MKTG: Public Policy & Consumer Behavior (Topic)
            MKTG: Sociological Analyses of Consumer Behavior (interpretive or quantitative) (Topic)
            MKTG: Symbolic Consumer Behavior (e.g., gift-giving, consumption, semiotics) (Topic)
      Managerial Marketing eJournal subscribe_fee
            MKTG: Advertising (Topic)
            MKTG: Branding & Brand Management (Topic)
            MKTG: Business-to-Business Marketing (Topic)
            MKTG: Channel Management & Retailing (Topic)
            MKTG: Customer Relationship Management (Topic)
            MKTG: Customer Service (Topic)
            MKTG: International Marketing (Topic)
            MKTG: Internet Marketing & E-Commerce (Topic)
            MKTG: Marketing Strategy & Planning (Topic)
            MKTG: New Product Development & Product Line Management (Topic)
            MKTG: Nonprofit Marketing (Topic)
            MKTG: Organizational Buying (Topic)
            MKTG: Pricing (Topic)
            MKTG: Sales Promotion (Topic)
            MKTG: Selling & Sales Management (Topic)
            MKTG: Services Marketing (Topic)
      Marketing Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Marketing Science eJournal subscribe_fee
      Other Marketing eJournal subscribe_fee
      Quantitative Marketing eJournal subscribe_fee
            MKTG: Buyer Behavior (Topic)
                  MKTG: Consumer Behavior (Sub-Topic)
                  MKTG: Consumer Choice Modeling (Sub-Topic)
            MKTG: Marketing Mix Decisions (Topic)
            MKTG: Marketing Other (Topic)
            MKTG: Marketing Strategy (Topic)
            MKTG: Measurement & Data Analysis (Topic)
            MKTG: Sector-Specific Research (Topic)
      Review of Marketing Science (ROMs)