European Banking Institute (EBI) Joins Law Research Centers Papers

We are pleased to announce European Banking Institute (EBI), has started a new Law Research Centers Papers series within the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN).

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The European Banking Institute is an international centre for banking studies. It was established as a joint venture of some of Europe's most renowned academic institutions that decided to share and coordinate their commitments and structure their pertinent research activities with a view to providing cutting-edge legal, economic and accounting scholarship in the field of banking regulation, banking supervision and banking resolution in Europe.

The European Banking Institute's ambition is to become the point of reference for banking regulation research in Europe and an instrument to facilitate the interactions between academia, supervisors, regulators and industry. The close relationship with regulators, supervisors and the private sector is expected to guarantee an academic research production which is state of the art.

The European Banking Institute has been located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) in order to benefit from the proximity to the European Central Bank, the biggest banking supervisor in Europe.


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