Religious Violence and Extremism - The Journal of Law, Religion and State - International Conference
Call For Papers

28-30 May 2018, Bar-Ilan University Israel

In recent years, religious violence and extremism have become an increasingly present phenomenon on the public stage, not only growing in impact, but also spreading to many new parts of the world. In this conference, we seek to discuss these phenomena from a variety of legal perspectives, considering the role of law, religion and state both in facilitating violence and extremism and countering it as well. Our intention is to explore the legal origins and consequences of these phenomena in a broad sense, assessing not only state law and religious law, but also the social conditions and goals that the law reflects or emerges in response to.

TOPICS: Here are some of the topics we invite participants to address:
- Analysis of religious violence and extremism; definitions and classifications
- The relationship between religious freedom and religious extremism
- Legal measures states should take against radicalization of religion
- Political strategies states can take in managing religious conflicts
- Religious reactions: How religious leaders and institutions deal (or should deal) with the phenomena of radicalization? What are the social and interpretive strategies they take (or can take) in order to void radicalization?

CONDITIONS AND PUBLICATION: Participants will be offered three days of hotel accommodation and board during the conference. Participants will be required to submit a first (full) draft of their papers by May 1, 2018. After the conference, authors will have the opportunity to revise and finalize their papers in order to submit them for publication in JLRS. The articles will be published in the Journal of Law Religion and State subject to peer review.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: An abstract of 400 (max.) words should be sent to no later than December 22, 2017. Please indicate academic affiliation and attach a CV.

Prof. Zvi Zohar, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Prof. Rex Tauati Ahdar, Faculty of Law, Otago University, New Zealand
Dr. Haim Shapira, Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Prof. Michael Helfand, Faculty of Law, Pepperdine University, USA

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Posted: 6 Dec 2017