Law and the Digital Age
Call For Papers

19-20 February, 2018, Qatar

The College of Law at Qatar University is continuing with its tradition of organizing an annual conference on a theme of contemporary importance. This time the College is partnering with Qatar University's College of Engineering and the State of Qatar's Ministry of Communications and Transport to host the Sixth Annual Conference on the theme LAW AND THE DIGITAL AGE.

Technological developments generally and in the digital field in particular pose significant challenges to the law. The law, both nationally and internationally, struggles to keep up with the pace with the speed of technological development. This conference will adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to explore the soft and hard legal regulation of digital technology. The benefits of rapid digital technological development are enormous - be it in banking, healthcare, communications, cultural understanding, etc - but so are the dangers of inadequate regulation. In an age of fake news, cybersecurity, international disputes, natural disasters, the time is apt to bring experts from relevant fields to deliberate on the role of the law in the regulation of a digital world.

OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the conference include:
1. Identify the legal challenges at the national and international levels posed by digital technologies.
2. Examine the effectiveness of existing laws to meet these challenges.
3. Propose models of regulation that would suit advances in digital technology.
4. The importance of culture and economics in the regulatory milieu.

These objectives would be pursued under the following themes:
a) Developments in Electronic Transactions.
b) Trends in combating cyber-terrorism and promoting cybersecurity.
c) Challenges in using technology in government services.
d) Privacy and data protection in the digital age.
e) Electronic means of dispute resolution.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Researchers, experts and interested persons are invited to submit a one page abstract of their papers to be presented at the conference. Abstracts or proposals must be submitted to by 10th November. 2017. Abstracts will be evaluated by peers and authors of selected papers invited to present at the conference. Papers can be in English, French or Arabic. There will be translation at the conference. Full papers will be expected by 15th January, 2018.

Posted: 29 Sep 2017