We are pleased to announce the Australian Journal of Asian Law has joined SSRN's new First Look program within the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN). AJAL (www.law.unimelb.edu.au/ajal) is the leading peer-edited journal of analysis, commentary and primary material on the laws, legal systems and legal cultures of Asia. It is an initiative of the University of Melbourne Law School, with support and advice from Australian and international colleagues. The journal provides a common forum for ideas and informed debate on current legal issues from a wide range of expert legal scholars and practitioners whose work focuses on Asia. The Australian Journal of Asian Law's First Look is a place where researchers and other experts can identify content of interest prior to publication.


First Look is a brand new way for journals and other research experts to identify content of interest prior to publication. It can include a wide range of early stage content types including working papers, proceedings, preprints and papers under consideration. First Look is a partnership between SSRN and some of the world's most influential journals to provide rapid, early and open access to evolving scholarly research.

Interested in your journal being associated with groundbreaking legal research? Or maybe you are a legal scholar looking to share new ideas faster and to a larger audience? Either way, you probably want to learn more about First Look. Visit SSRN Solutions for more information or send an email to first-look@ssrn.com with any questions pertaining to First Look.

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