We are pleased to announce a new Legal Scholarship Network (LSN) Sponsored Subject Matter eJournal - Chinese Law eJournal, sponsored by The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law.
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Editors: Fu Hualing, Professor, The University of Hong Kong - Faculty of Law, and Shitong Qiao, Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong - Faculty of Law

Sponsor: The HKU Faculty of Law has the widest range of expertise in Chinese Law outside Mainland China. Our expertise ranges from One Belt One Road, dispute resolution, criminal law, public law, securities regulation and finance, and intellectual property, to cross-border issues, one country two systems, and legal theory and jurisprudence. Coupled with our strength in common law, we are in a strong position in offering comparative law research and teaching on civil law and common law. A number of our colleagues are involved in different aspects of legal reform and development in Mainland China.

Description: This eJournal includes working and accepted paper abstracts providing a platform for scholars of different backgrounds and approaches to communicate with each other. We welcome submissions of doctrinal as well as interdisciplinary, quantitative as well as qualitative, macro as well as micro studies of China, a huge elephant of which each of us can only grasp a small piece, but together we can understand its constitution, evolution and direction.

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