Leadership Research Network


Leadership is a field of study that seeks to advance the theory and practice of developing leaders to improve organizational practices and social well-being. The field brings a multi-disciplinary perspective including psychology, management, sociology, political science, economics, history, etc. to investigate the role of leadership in various social, organizational, educational, and cultural contexts. SSRN and the Leadership Research Network (LRN) provide researchers and practitioners a place to connect, discuss, and share ideas and inquiries on leadership research. It promotes cross-disciplinary investigation of the theory and practice of leadership phenomenon across different organizational settings (e.g., for-profit, non-profit, government, private, public), different implications (e.g., moral and ethical issues, impact on trust, behavior, and performance), different leadership development theories/models (e.g., mentoring, developing values, skills, and identity of a leader), and other focused areas (e.g., female leadership challenges, education and training, leadership team, management and authority). SSRN also helps researchers with early sharing and potential for early feedback on their work, the ability to connect with other researchers around the world in their own or other fields, and the ability to post papers that may not be accepted for traditional journals due to their more narrow scope.

Leadership Papers