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Linguistics Research Network Subject Matter eJournals

LingRN Subject Matter eJournals
      Applied Linguistics eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: Forensic Linguistics (Topic)
            LingRN: Language Translation (Topic)
            LingRN: Other Applied Linguistics (Topic)
            LingRN: Speech & Language Pathology (Topic)
      Computational Linguistics & Natural Language Processing eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: Computational Approaches to Language Change (Topic)
            LingRN: Computational Approaches to Phonology (Topic)
            LingRN: Computational Approaches to Semantics (Topic)
            LingRN: Corpus Linguistics (Topic)
            LingRN: Language Encoding (Topic)
            LingRN: Natural Language Processing (Topic)
            LingRN: Neural Networks (Topic)
            LingRN: Other Computational Linguistics & Natural Language Processing (Topic)
            LingRN: Statistical Analyses of Language (Topic)
      Historical Linguistics & Language Change eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: Artificial & Invented Languages (Topic)
            LingRN: Comparative Method (Topic)
            LingRN: Computational Language Change (Topic)
            LingRN: Other Historical Linguistics & Language Change (Topic)
            LingRN: Phonetic Variation & Change (Topic)
            LingRN: Phonological Variation & Change (Topic)
            LingRN: Semantic Variation & Change (Topic)
            LingRN: Syntactic Variation & Change (Topic)
      History & Philosophy of Linguistics eJournal subscribe_fee
      Language Acquisition eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: First-Language Acquisition (Topic)
            LingRN: Other Language Acquisition (Topic)
            LingRN: Pedagogy & Language Teaching (Topic)
            LingRN: Reading & the Teaching of Reading (Topic)
            LingRN: Second-Language Acquisition (Topic)
      Language Documentation, Description, & Revitalization eJournal subscribe_fee
      Linguistics Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal subscribe_fee
      Linguistics Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Morphology eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: Distributed Morphology (Topic)
            LingRN: Morphological Typology (Topic)
            LingRN: Other Morphology (Topic)
      Phonetics eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: Diachronic Phonetics (Topic)
            LingRN: Experimental Phonetics (Topic)
            LingRN: Other Phonetics (Topic)
            LingRN: Phonetics & Phonology (Topic)
            LingRN: Phonetics & Sociolinguistics (Topic)
      Phonology eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: Articulatory Phonology (Topic)
            LingRN: Diachronic Phonology (Topic)
            LingRN: Laboratory Phonology (Topic)
            LingRN: Other Phonology (Topic)
            LingRN: Phonology & Phonetics (Topic)
            LingRN: Phonology & Syntax (Topic)
      Psycholinguistics & Neurolinguistics eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: Language & the Brain (Topic)
            LingRN: Non-Human Languages & Communication (Topic)
            LingRN: Other Psycholinguistics & Neurolinguistics (Topic)
            LingRN: Perception (Topic)
      Regional Languages eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: Languages of Africa (Topic)
                  LingRN: African Creoles (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: African Sign Languages (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Niger-Congo (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Nilo-Saharan (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Other Languages of Africa (Sub-Topic)
            LingRN: Languages of Asia (Topic)
                  LingRN: Arabic (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Asian Sign Languages (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Austronesian (Asia) (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Caucasian (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Chinese (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Dravidian (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Indo-Aryan (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Kra-Dai (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Other Languages of Asia (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Sino-Tibetan (besides Chinese) (Sub-Topic)
            LingRN: Languages of Europe (Topic)
                  LingRN: English (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: European Sign Languages (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Germanic (besides English) (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Other Languages of Europe (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Romance (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Slavic (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Uralic (Sub-Topic)
            LingRN: Languages of Oceania (Topic)
                  LingRN: Auslan (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Austronesian (Oceania) (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Oceanic Sign Languages (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Other Languages of Oceania (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Pama-Nyungan (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Papuan (Sub-Topic)
            LingRN: Languages of the Americas (Topic)
                  LingRN: African American Vernacular English (AAVE) (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: American Sign Language (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Indigenous Languages (Sub-Topic)
                  LingRN: Other Languages of the Americas (Sub-Topic)
      Semantics eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: Computational Semantics (Topic)
            LingRN: Diachronic Semantics (Topic)
            LingRN: Evidentiality (Topic)
            LingRN: Other Semantics (Topic)
            LingRN: Semantics & Pragmatics (Topic)
            LingRN: Semantics & Syntax (Topic)
            LingRN: Tense, Aspect, & Modality (Topic)
      Sign Languages eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: Home Signing (Topic)
            LingRN: Other Sign Language Research (Topic)
            LingRN: Sign Language Pedagogy (Topic)
            LingRN: Sign Language Policy (Topic)
      Sociolinguistics & Variation eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: Dialectology (Topic)
            LingRN: Discourse Analysis (Topic)
            LingRN: Other Sociolinguistics (Topic)
            LingRN: Sociophonetics (Topic)
      Syntax eJournal subscribe_fee
            LingRN: Diachronic Syntax (Topic)
            LingRN: Left Periphery (Topic)
            LingRN: Other Syntax (Topic)
            LingRN: Syntax & Phonology (Topic)
            LingRN: Syntax & Pragmatics (Topic)
            LingRN: Syntax & Semantics (Topic)
            LingRN: Wh-Questions (Topic)