Legal Priorities Project Working Paper Series

The Legal Priorities Project Working Paper Series aims to disseminate multidisciplinary, foundational legal research that tackles the world's most pressing problems. This currently leads to a focus on the protection of future generations. Our research explores areas that are likely to have an outsized impact on the long-term trajectory of human civilization, such as artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and biorisk, and institutional design. We also carry out "meta-research" that aims to determine which problems legal researchers should work on to best protect the well-being of future generations. This series includes both working papers and published articles inspired by our research agenda.

The Legal Priorities Project is an independent, global research project founded by researchers from Harvard University. Our researchers and affiliates are based both at top law schools and private research centers worldwide, including Harvard University, ITAM, MIT, Georgetown University, University of Denver, Oxford University, ANU, and OpenAI, among others.

Global Reach of Legal Priorities Project Working Paper Series

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