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The Korea Development Institute (KDI) is a publicly funded and fully autonomous policy-oriented research organization located in Sejong City. Established in 1971, the institute has been committed to producing independent, innovative, and impactful policy research and recommendations on fundamental economic and social issues. For the five decades, KDI has conducted research on a broad range of issues, from macroeconomics policy, finance, human resource, industry and service economy, competition policy, to the North Korean economy. KDI Journal of Economic Policy (KDI JEP), a quarterly basis journal, also covers a wide range of topics in economics with special emphasis on empirical analysis that contain solid policy implications. KDI also produces 'KDI Focus' and 'Policy Forum' which are summary reports of the current major issues in economics and also disseminate many other research papers with policy implications. KDI's high quality and rigor in research and analysis is rooted in the institutes' long tradition of applying scientific and interdisciplinary research methods and that resulted in achieving the rank of Asia's 1 think tank for six consecutive years since 2013 in the Global Go To Think Tank Index (In 2019, KDI was named as 'Center of Excellence' in Asia).

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