Journal of Entrepreneurial & Organizational Diversity (JEOD)

The Journal of Entrepreneurial and Organizational Diversity (JEOD) is an international scientific journal written in English and published twice a year by Euricse ( Distinguished by an interdisciplinary approach, it deepens and expands the study of different enterprise types and organizational models, including (but not limited to) for-profit businesses, social enterprises, cooperatives, mutuals, nonprofit organizations and foundations. It places strong emphasis on their institutional and socio-economic contexts, as well as on their organizational features, practices, stakeholders and the development of communities and localities. JEOD also welcomes comparative research between different organizations and enterprise types, including different ownership and governance models, corporate social responsibility and network types. Alongside double-blind peer reviewed articles, JEOD publishes book reviews, research proceedings and conference letters to capture new developments and sustain both academic discussion and public debate. In order to maximize readership, distribution, and consequently visibility in scholarly debate, JEOD is published online in a free open access format. This, along with the use of online submission and peer review software (Editorial Manager), allow for free and rapid communication across the scientific community. Since 2021, JEOD is listed in Scopus, while since 2018 it is included by ANVUR in the lists of Italian scientific publications for areas 12 (law), 13 (economics and statistics) and 14 (political and social sciences).


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