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Job Description & Qualification

Indicia Labs is an innovative data analytics and investment firm based out of Silicon Valley and focused on cryptocurrency markets. We are seeking a talented researcher to join our startup to focus on progressing the development of our proprietary AI models related to cryptocurrency investments, and generating unique insights and signals in markets. Candidates should be motivated and enthusiastic about implementing new ideas. They are expected to be hands-on and self-sufficient in conducting all aspects of research projects. The role offers a unique opportunity to work in different areas within quantitative research and portfolio management, while being part of a nascent, high-growth Bay Area company.

What you will do:
- Lead and manage research projects to improve and expand current data models and trading signals in collaboration with the heads of research and engineering.
- Use machine-learning, applied mathematics, and techniques from modern statistics to develop and refine models of cryptocurrency markets and to develop trading algorithms based on those models.
- Add features to proprietary research systems to implement new research ideas.
- Conduct research on various aspects of the implementation of investment strategies, such as trading cost models, risk models, optimization, and portfolio construction.

Who you are:
- Mature and thoughtful, with the ability to operate within a collaborative team.
- Well-organized, detail-oriented; able to multi-task and keep track of various deadlines in a fast- paced, high-demand startup.
- Committed to intellectual integrity, with a high degree of ethics.
- Hard working and eager to learn in a highly intellectual, innovative environment.
- Creative, resourceful, and motivated - an intelligent risk taker and someone who does not grow complacent with success.

What you will bring:
- M.S. or Ph.D. degree in finance, economics, computer science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, or another quantitative discipline.
- Strong understanding of economic and financial concepts and demonstrated intuition around applying these concepts in a quantitative environment.
- Experience in quantitative research at an asset manager or hedge fund preferred.
- Experience using programming skills to manipulate large financial data sets for empirical research. Strong skills in one or more high-level languages required, with Python or R preferred.
- Demonstrated ability to express and articulate ideas and thought processes in both verbal and written form.
- Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.

Application Procedure

Please send us your CV via email at

About the Organization

Indicia combines the power of artificial intelligence with the rigor of economic modeling to derive deep investment insights.

Quantamental approach. We follow a unique approach that blends quantitative AI algorithms and rigorous economic modeling of financial assets.

Patented technology. Our algorithms and technology are protected through several patents.

People. Our team values research and data-driven decision making. We are experts in data science, financial markets, cryptocurrencies, and protocol analysis.

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ID: J8973