Information & Library Science Classifier Position

Job Description & Qualification

Information & Library Science Classifier Position

We are looking for people with expertise in scholarly research in the field of Information & Library Science to join the SSRN Team. This part-time, remote position will be working in the direct flow of the most current scholarly research worldwide.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Review and index Information & Library Science papers and abstracts that will be included in a free to post/free to read platform of early stage research. These papers include conference papers, working papers, papers under consideration, etc.

Primary Functions:
The classifier reviews early stage working paper submissions (including title, abstract, keywords, and, as necessary, the paper) and makes appropriate taxonomy term assignments. To be effective, the Classifier is responsible for learning and applying the classifications within their subject area.

Associated duties include, but are not limited to:
- Research and populate abstract queue for new subject areas as requested
- Review/work with SSRN Support when email notification of assignment is received
- Other duties as assigned

Secondary Function: Research/Write Taxonomy
The Classifier is responsible for doing background research in order to identify the main streams of research within the Information & Library Science subject area. The Classifier maybe asked to build the initial taxonomy and will be asked to expand and refine existing taxonomies. An advanced knowledge of the literature and industry trends in PInformation & Library Science, the interdisciplinary relationship within Information & Library Science and between Information & Library Science and other disciplines, and familiarity with the latest trends in the area are essential.

1. Graduate Level Academic Degree in area related to Information & Library Science, PhD preferred
2. Experience in field of study. Classifiers should have significant professional academic experience in the disciplines in which they are classifying. Experience reading and writing for major academic journals and attendance at professional conferences in the field are beneficial.
3. Classifiers must be computer proficient, be able to work in a self-directed manner with minimal guidance in a virtual team environment, and be self-motivated. Excellent communication skills are critical.
4.The ideal candidate will have the ability to generate enthusiasm and team-focused effort for processes within their areas of responsibility.
5. Proof of Eligibility to work in U.S./U.S. Citizen

ABOUT: The position is part time and remote.

COMPENSATION: $15.00 per hour

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APPLICATION PROCEDURE: To apply, please send email with cover letter and resume attachment to:

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