Sabbatical Research Fellows

Job Description & Qualification

Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA)
Sabbatical Research Fellows

The Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), Egypt is welcoming applications with solid research experience expertise to:
• Develop research objectives, projects and proposals
• Undertake research and evaluate outcomes.
• Plan, coordinate and implement research programs in accordance with FRA’s strategy, policy and procedures.

1. Develop research objectives, projects and proposals.
2. Conduct individual or collaborative research projects.
3. Assess, interpret and evaluate outcomes of research.
4. Develop new concepts and ideas to extend intellectual understanding.
5. Decide on research programs and methodologies, often in collaboration with FRA staff
6. Contribute to knowledge generation, knowledge exchange and knowledge transfer activities.
7. Act as research team leader.
8. Mentor employees with less experience and advise on professional development.
9. Coach and support employees in developing their research techniques.

• PhD or equivalence accepted based on cognate area of understanding.
• Possess sufficient specialist knowledge in the discipline to develop research programs and methodologies.
• Experience of managing research projects and teams.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Able to communicate complex and conceptual ideas to a range of groups

Areas of expertise:
• Finance
• Financial Economics
• Risk Management & Analysis in Financial Institutions
• Corporate Finance
• Capital Markets
• Microfinance

Sabbatical Research Fellows come with their own external funding and FRA may contribute in kind by allowing the use of its facilities such as:
• office space in a FRA building
• free internet access
• free printing, scanning and photocopying
• transportation from residence to FRA premises and vice versa
• research facilities
• research staff

The duration of the stay will normally be between three to nine months.

About the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA):
The Financial Regulatory Authority is the single Regulatory Authority for Non-Banking Financial Institutions; responsible for supervising and regulating the Capital Market, the Stock Exchange, all activities related to Insurance, Mortgage Finance, Financial Leasing, Factoring, Securitization and Microfinance.

FRA’s mission:
• Stability and Integrity of non-banking financial markets
• Protecting investors & participants rights
• Issuing various means, systems, rules and regulations, which ensure efficiency and transparency of these markets.

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Application Procedure
Applications should be submitted electronically and addressed to FRA Chairman – Dr. Mohammed Omran at:

.Application should contain:
• Detailed Curriculum Vita
• A letter from employer supporting a candidates leave of absence while on sabbatical

For Additional Questions:
Please contact Ms. Christine Beshara at:

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