Development Manager for Executive Education

Job Description & Qualification

Development Manager for Executive Education

Duties & Responsibilities

The Development Manager for Executive Education will be responsible for developing and implementing a strategy of executive education within the Geneva Finance Research Institute (GFRI). She/He works in close cooperation with the finance professors and with other services of the Geneva School of Economics and Management. Her/His particular mission is the international development with a large perimeter of responsibilities.

The Development Manager for Executive Education will:

Develop and implement marketing and sales strategies for the global recruitment of executives to new executive programs in finance and wealth management at the University of Geneva.
Run the operation of these executive programs within GFRI and assure a high level of service quality in the program execution.
Dispose of a solid knowledge of the local institutions in Geneva and a capacity and entrepreneurial motivation to negotiate and manage internships and other service contracts.
Have an experience in the sector of executive education, and dispose of a high level of motivation to operate effectively within a complex organization.
Be able to judge the content of executive education programs in Finance and contribute to their development.

Basic Qualifications

Education: Master degree. Solid knowledge of finance and the financial industry. Fluent in English and French, knowledge of Mandarin is a plus.

Experience: Over 5 years of work experience and ideally experience in executive education.

Additional Qualifications

The ideal collaborator is able to build trust across a wide range of stakeholders. He/she is able to operate effectively in a complex environment with an entrepreneurial disposition. International travel is required.

Application Procedure

Online job application are required. CV and Cover Letter are required
Apply here:

Deadline: 28 February 2019

About the Organization

The Geneva Finance Research Institute (GFRI) is a multidisciplinary institute based at the University of Geneva that focuses on two main research topics in finance: “Portfolio Management” and “Finance and Society”.

Its research themes thus emphasize on the one hand, the role that Geneva, as a financial center, plays in Portfolio Management and on the other, the benefits and externalities that finance displays for society at large.

The GFRI research is multidisciplinary and builds on synergies between the University of Geneva Faculties of Economy and Management, Law and Psychology and Educational Sciences. These collaborations have enabled GFRI to recently expand in two new research areas: neuro-finance and sustainable finance.

The GFRI faculty is a very diversified international team of 11 professors who are primarily dedicated to publishing cutting-edge research in top–finance journals, but they also engage in high level education in finance as well as in knowledge transfer activities such as conferences, seminars and public debates on a broad range of finance topics.

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