Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Finance

Job Description & Qualification

Job Title: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer* in Finance
Grade: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer* (Research & Teaching focussed),
Grade 8/Grade 9
School: Business School, Accounting and Finance Department
Location: Jubilee Building
Responsible to: Head of School
Direct reports: n/a
Key contacts: Students, other members of Faculty within the School and
University, School Officers, academics in the field in other
Role description: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer* is a career-grade teaching and
research position. Post-holders will be expected to show
academic leadership in both teaching and research, and to
support the management and strategic planning processes of
the School and the University.
1. To provide academic leadership in the design and delivery of high-quality teaching
2. To engage in high-quality research activity resulting in high-quality publications to be
submitted to the REF at acceptable levels of volume and academic excellence;
3. To lead research projects or research initiatives in the School;
4. to secure research funding and third-stream income; and to contribute to the School’s
research strategy.*
5. To support the management activities of the School and University.
1. Teaching & Student Support
1.1 Ensure that course design and delivery comply with the University quality standard and
regulations, and take responsibility for the quality of programme units.
1.2 Regularly review and update course content and teaching materials, ensuring that they
remain up-to-date and relevant, incorporating advances in the subject area and utilising
appropriate technology.
1.3 Set, mark, and assess coursework and examinations; select appropriate assessment
instruments and assessment criteria; and provide constructive and comprehensive
feedback to students.
1.4 Actively maintain an understanding of appropriate pedagogy in the subject area.
1.5 Supervise taught postgraduate students, providing advice on study skills.
1.6 Undertake and complete administrative duties required in the professional delivery of
1.7 Undertake academic advising duties, and provide first-line support for sensitive issues,
referring on as appropriate to services providing further assistance.
1.8 Adopt an approachable and accessible attitude towards students, offering office hours,
informal advice etc.
2. Research, Scholarship & Enterprise
2.1 Contribute to the development of School research strategies and themes.
2.2 Identify and develop research objectives, and proposals for own or joint research.
2.3 Carry out independent research on research projects.
2.4 Carry out independent research and act as a Principal Investigator or project leader on
research projects.*
2.5 Define research objectives and questions, review and synthesise the outcomes of
research studies, and develop ideas for application of research outcomes.
2.6 Produce high-quality research outputs that have significant impact in the field, for
publication in recognised high-quality journals.
2.7 Make presentations at national or international conferences or exhibit work in other
appropriate events of a similar standing, and identify ways to disseminate research
outputs informally via the internet, the media and other forms of public engagement.
2.8 Develop and maintain an independent research reputation by, for example, serving on
peer review committees, and acting as a referee for journal articles and research grant
2.9 Play an influential role in identifying sources of funding and secure and/or contribute to
the process of securing bids.
2.10 Play a leading role in identifying and securing opportunities for enterprise activity,
knowledge exchange income and/or consultancy.*
2.11 Develop links with external contacts such as other educational bodies, businesses, the
public sector, and professional bodies to foster collaboration and potentially generate a
source of income.*
2.12 Play a role in a relevant national professional body or recognised events.
2.13 Continually update knowledge and understanding in field or specialism, and engage in
continuous professional development.
2.14 Conduct risk assessments and take responsibility for the health and safety of others, if
3. Contribution to School & University
3.1 Attend and contribute to School meetings.
3.2 Engage in activities beyond day-to-day teaching duties, for example Admissions Days.
3.3 Assist with undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment.
3.4 Undertake an administrative or organisational role within the Department, e.g. Library
Representative, Year Tutor, Exam Board Chair, or personal/academic tutoring.
3.5 Undertake an administrative or organisational role within the School e.g. Library
Representative, Year Tutor, Exam Board Chair, or personal/academic tutoring.*
3.6 Undertake additional administrative duties, as required by the Head of School.
4. Role-specific duties
4.1 Lead the development of new courses/programs relating to Finance while ensuring that
existing courses/programs are relevant and delivered to high quality standards.
4.2 Publish in top journals in Finance and adjacent areas such as Accounting or Economics
4.3 Pursue research grant applications and external engagements on Finance topics.*
4.4 Participate actively in the department internal seminar series
4.5 Deliver excellent teaching to our students at both UG and PG level
4.6 Promote research in Finance at the University of Sussex Business School through massmedia outlets
This Job Description sets out current duties of the post that may vary from time to time without
changing the general character of the post or level of responsibility entailed.
▪ Evidence of novel or innovative approaches to teaching supervision or assessment,
including appropriate uses of technology.
▪ Sustained high-quality teaching across both undergraduate and postgraduate portfolios,
as evidenced by surveys, questionnaires and peer review.
▪ Evidence of the integration of research, scholarship and professional practice with
teaching activities.
▪ Regular published output of original research, with a significant proportion at international
level (referred journal papers, monographs, book chapters, text books).
▪ Responsible for leading and managing a major research group.
▪ Sustained success in obtaining competitively awarded research and knowledge exchange
grants and contracts, with evidence of leadership in securing such awards (for example,
as Principal Investigator).
▪ Significant involvement in knowledge creation and transfer in conjunction with partner
organisations in industry, commerce, government or NGOs. This could be in the form of
externally funded research, knowledge exchange and/or consultancy.*
▪ Evidence of external profile, such as membership of professional body, editorial board or
▪ Responsible and effective involvement in the broader arena of the School and/or
University including, where appropriate, a role providing support, pastoral care and
guidance to students or colleagues.
1. Educated to doctoral level as appropriate to the discipline (see role-specific criteria
below). Applicants who submitted their thesis and waiting for viva will be considered for
2. Excellent interpersonal skills, with the proven ability to engage with students using a
variety of different methods.
3. Experience of high-quality teaching at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level.
4. Potential of significant and high-quality publications in top journals in Finance.
5. Track record of significant and high-quality publications in top journals in Finance.*
6. Evidence of proactive contribution to School and/or University.
7. Excellent presentation skills, with the proven ability to communicate effectively, both
orally and in writing, with students, colleagues and external audiences.
8. Ability to exercise a high degree of innovation and creative problem-solving.
9. Excellent organisational and administrative skills.*
10. A willingness to participate in support activities beyond normal teaching duties.
1. Evidence of potential to publish in top journals in Finance at an advanced stage.
2. A minimum one top publication in Finance or Finance related journal.*
3. Experience with teaching relevant modules in Finance.*
4. A willingness to teach modern Finance modules such as Socially Responsible
Investments, Digital Banking, Financial Econometrics, Machine Learning in Finance, Big
Data Science in Finance.
5. Ability to provide online teaching materials.
6. A willingness to apply for research grants in collaborative interdisciplinary networks

Application Procedure

Email your completed application, and personal details and equal opportunities form, to jobapps@sussex.ac.uk

You should attach your application form and all documents to the email in PDF format (we are unable to accept applications as google.docs or .pages) and use the format job reference number / job title / your name in the subject line.

You can also send your application by post to Human Resources Division, Sussex House, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9RH.

About the Organization

3 The School / Division
The University of Sussex Business School is a unique research-focused interdisciplinary
school, which takes a strong policy-directed view on business practices while also developing
the underlying core disciplines. It includes the Department of Accounting and Finance, the
Department of Strategy and Marketing, the Department of Management, the Department of
Economics and the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU).
With such excellent foundations the University of Sussex Business School offers something
distinctive and special to the future of business and management research and education in
the UK and beyond. It is exceptionally well placed to provide leadership in the development
and dissemination of sustainable business and management practice, informed by sound
economic logic.
4 The Department of Accounting and Finance
The Department of Accounting and Finance, founded in 2018, currently encompasses over
25 research-active faculty members, plus several other education and scholarship and
teaching fellows. The Department is composed of two subject groups (Accounting and
Finance) and a number of cross-disciplinary research groups (please see details at –
https://www.sussex.ac.uk/business-school/accounting-finance/research). Successful
applicants would be allocated to the appropriate subject group and invited to join (or potentially
launch) a research group.
The Department currently hosts four undergraduate and five postgraduate programs entirely
within the department, and several more degree programs are offered jointly with other
Departments in the School and the University. This includes BScs in Accounting and Finance;
Banking & Digital Finance; Finance and Business; Finance & Technology; and MScs in
Accounting & Finance; Banking & Finance; FinTech, Risk & Investment Analysis;
Management & Finance; Sustainable Finance & Accounting. Successful candidates will be
expected to contribute to our teaching portfolio. The Department attracts students from all over
the world, enhancing the cultural dimension of the learning experience. We also have many
international links, collaborating with universities around the globe. Sussex is an inclusive,
welcoming and truly international University.

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