Assistant Professor / Research Associate(non-tenure / five-year fixed term)

Job Description & Qualification

Place: Kunitachi Tokyo, Japan or Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan
Job Title: Assistant Professor or Research Associate(non-tenure / five-year fixed term)
Salary:Annual Salary: Approximately JPY 4,900,000–6,800,000
 (Bonus included. Salary will be determined based on the University’s judgment.)
 (Annual salary represents income before tax.)
Period of Employment: From April 1st, 2023 to March 31st, 2028. The contract will not be extended.
 (Start date is negotiable. The employment period will extend five years from the start date.)

Job Description:
Applicants will be expected to;
1: Engage in research in Legal Innovation.
 Legal Innovation research includes, for example,
 (1) Law & Policy study related to Data, AI, and other digital technologies,
 or (2) research on social, economic, and theoretical impacts and implications of the introduction of AI into Legal Systems.
 For the latter, researchers in computer science, and in particular machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and computational linguistics, as well as those with a background in legal studies, are welcome.
 Researchers are also welcome to accelerate and develop discussion to identify and address the legal and ethical risks associated with algorithmic judicial decisions.
2: Contribute to research activities of the Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study and the Graduate School of Law by actively participating in seminars, research collaborations, etc.
3: Teach lectures of 4 credits/year (Equivalent to one class session per week)*
4: Be assigned the minimum level of administrative duties, such as enrollment exam-related duties.
*Course Credits
 Most courses are worth 2 credits with 13 lessons per semester. One lesson is 105 minutes long.
*Cross-appointment system with your current organization can also be used.
 For those who would like to apply for the system, please contact us by email ( beforehand, with “Inquiry Regarding Open Position” in your email subject line.

Qualifications (required skills, experiences, etc.):
Applicants should have;
1: A Ph.D. or equivalent degree in the field of Legal Innovation (Law or Computer Science) or, due to their advanced practical experience, have the same level of competence as degree holders.
The Ph.D. candidate should obtain a Ph.D. or equivalent degree by the working start date.
2: Ability to give lectures in English.
3: Proficiency in either English or Japanese.

Application Documents:
1 Cover Letter
2 Curriculum Vitae
3 Names and contact information of at least one reference, ideally your supervisor or an equivalent.
 The committee will ask for a reference letter from your references.
 For Ph.D. candidates, please make sure to ask your references to describe the progress of your dissertation.
 *Regarding submission method, please see below.
4 Ph.D. diploma (For Ph.D. candidates, academic transcript and a note on dissertation progress in the reference letter)
 Otherwise, a letter of recommendation from a third party that can attest to experience and competence.
 Those who submit the reference letter should submit the name and contact information of the reference through the online application system.
 The committee will send a URL for uploading the reference letter directly to the references.
5 A 1–2 page description of your current research, or research plan*
6 Reprints of two major papers
7 Designated Application Form
*Regarding 5, please write in the Designated Application Form. English or Japanese is acceptable.

*How to submit reference letters
Please provide us with the contact information of your references (name, affiliation, email address, phone number) through the online application system.
The committee will send a URL for uploading the reference letter directly to the references.
The committee will not accept any references directly from the applicant.

In addition to the above documents, Ph.D. candidates will be asked to prepare and submit a document regarding the expected completion of the doctoral degree after the final offer. The document should be written by your supervisor or an equivalent.

Application Procedure

How to Submit Application:
Please upload all documents as PDF files via the URL below, including your name and the document type in the file name.
If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact

Notification of Results: The first screening result will be announced by Wednesday December 7th, 2022.

Candidates will be selected based on their application documents and interviews.
Only those who are short-listed will be invited for an interview.
*Interviews will be conducted online and in Japanese or English.

Date of Interview:
Interview: Any day from December 12th, 2022 to January 20th, 2023.
Short-listed candidates will be notified of the interview schedule.
*Interviews will be conducted in Japanese or English.
*Interviews will be scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.(JST).

About the Organization

Hitotsubashi University, a national university in Tokyo that boasts the best social science research and education in Japan, established the Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS) in 2014 as an interdepartmental research organization directly under the President. HIAS aims to be (1) a hub for international joint research that brings together researchers from inside and outside the University, as well as (2) a center for interdisciplinary research that addresses social issues. Since its establishment in 2014, HIAS has engaged in various international research projects and has seen many first-rate academic achievements. Building on these accomplishments, HIAS is now launching a new project, “HIAS BRIDGES,” with the aim of enriching the academic community by extending its capacity as a research hub and supporting young researchers. As a part of this project, we are seeking young, next-generation scholars to join HIAS in the role of “Assistant Professor or Research Associate with a full-time research commitment for five years.” Successful candidates will be expected to engage in cutting-edge research in our focus research fields at HIAS.

Additional Information

<Other Conditions>
The Allowance :
Dependent allowance, housing allowance, commuting allowance, and transfer allowance will be paid according to the University’s rules.
Work Days and Hours:
– The discretionary labor system will be applied, and the assistant professor / research associate will be deemed to have worked for 7 hours and 45 minutes per weekday / 38 hours and 45 minutes per week.
– The discretionary labor system is a free-time system that considers the amount of work done to be specified by the agreement between workers and employers, regardless of the actual working hours. For more details, please refer to Article 38-3 in Labor Standards Act.
– Working days are five days a week, Monday through Friday.
Paid Holidays:
Annual paid holiday (maximum of 20 days), special holiday (refreshment holiday, wedding holiday, parental leave before and after childbirth, childcare leaves, sick/injured child care leave, family care leave, condolence leave, etc.), parental leave (until the child reaches 3 years of age), caregiver leave, etc.
Social Insurance:
Enrollment in the insurance scheme provided by the Japanese Government.
Short-term benefit for sick/injury, long-term benefit (pension, etc.), welfare business (such as recreation facility, asset accumulation, and collective insurance).
Document Return Policy:
Application documents will not be returned. After an application has been processed, all submitted documents will be disposed of immediately in an appropriate manner.

Contact Detail:HIAS Planning Office
e-Mail address:
Should you have any questions, please contact us by email, with “Inquiry Regarding HIAS Open Position” in your email subject line.
Please note that we will accept questions only via e-mail.

– Hitotsubashi University is an equal opportunity employer in the spirit of the Basic Act for Gender-Equal Society.
– Please note that any personal data submitted to the University as part of the job application process will be used only for the selection process and HR management, which may include tasks such as salary, welfare, health care, labor, hygiene or management of the on-campus system and facilities usage, and statistical reports on the employment status of people with disabilities. The University will not provide or disclose personal data to any third party for any purpose other than the above management. However, if it is necessary to achieve this purpose, handling may be outsourced to an external organization with which the University has signed a non-disclosure agreement.
– Please note that smoking is prohibited on campus except in designated areas.

For Additional Questions

Job ID

ID: J12025