Postdoctoral Fellow in Health and Law, McGill Research Group on Health and Law

Job Description & Qualification

The McGill Research Group on Health and Law (RGHL) at McGill University’s Faculty of Law is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow for a one-year period starting at the latest in January 2023.

The Fellow will benefit from opportunities to expand their professional network, engage in research collaboration, and receive support in applying for fellowships, grants and professional positions.

Primary responsibilities will include carrying out ongoing interdisciplinary research projects in a range of areas related to health, law and justice for RGHL conveners and members. Other tasks may include helping design events such as research seminars, colloquia and workshops and preparing grant applications. Work schedule: approx. 35 hours per week. The Postdoctoral Fellow is expected to spend approximately half of the fellowship hours conducting their own research alongside the above responsibilities. Salary: $40,000 per annum (plus benefits).

Qualities Sought:
1. Completion of doctoral-level studies in law with a focus on law and health, or law degree followed by doctoral studies in health law, health policy, or a related discipline
2. Bilingualism (English, French) is an asset
3. Ability to conduct interdisciplinary research is an asset

Please refer to the postings for the position on the following webpage:

Application Procedure

Please submit a presentation letter (one page maximum), a curriculum vitae, transcripts and two letters of recommendation by email to Questions may be addressed to

October 15th, 2022 is the application deadline.

About the Organization

The McGill Research Group on Health and Law (RGHL) is a research network that seeks to foster the sharing of scholarship and ideas among professors, researchers, and students, and encourages collaborative work on health-related issues. It also seeks to build interdisciplinary bridges across the University with colleagues working on health-related topics. Finally, it aims to provide students with a breadth of opportunities for pursuing intellectual endeavors in the field of health law through course work, independent research, graduate studies, or extracurricular engagements.

To learn more about Faculty Members’ research interests, consult the “Members” page of the RGHL website,

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Job ID

ID: J11602