The Hogeg Blockchain Research Institute Call for Proposals - 2021


The Hogeg Blockchain Research Institute invites researchers to submit proposals for research papers in the area of Applications of Blockchain Technology in Economics and Finance.

The Hogeg Blockchain Research Institute was founded to advance academic research on blockchain technology, especially in finance, and to support its dissemination. The institute encourages foundational theoretical, empirical, and application-oriented research.

All blockchain-related proposals will be considered, yet submissions on proposals on the broad topics of crypto currencies, smart contracts, and decentralized finance are especially encouraged.

The Hogeg Blockchain Research Institute will fund in 2021 up to 3 research projects; each will receive funding of $4,000 upon completion of a working paper. Research proposals will be reviewed by the Institute’s academic committee.

The Proposal should not exceed 10 pages, and should include the following:
• Title and Abstract
• Name(s) of researcher(s) and academic affiliation(s)
• Description of research topic
• Description of research design and methods
• Description of data and its sources (for empirical proposals)
• Expected contribution
• Milestones and schedule

The deadline for submission is August 31, 2021.

A working paper draft is expected to be completed by August 31, 2022. The authors are encouraged to present the paper at an academic conference on blockchain applications in finance and economics, which will be held at Tel Aviv University or online (depending on the state of the pandemic), likely in December, 2022.

Please send your proposal accompanied by CV(s) of the researcher(s) to Evgeny Lyandres:


Evgeny Lyandres, Head of Hogeg Blockchain Research Institute
Ari Achiaz, Managing Director of Hogeg Blockchain Research Institute