Rethinking Cities: Innovations and Resilience Post Covid-19

Conference dates

01 Dec 2021 - 02 Dec 2021


Virtual Conference


Call For Papers
Conference - Rethinking Cities: Innovations and Resilience Post COVID-19 (RCIR21)

Organized by the University of Bahrain

University of Bahrain invites the submission of research and working papers for the 2021 Rethinking Cities Conference to be held virtually, December 01-02, 2021.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has led the governments around the world to force cautionary measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus; lockdowns of business, schools, social distancing, and quarantine with many new policy tactics to maintain the spread of the virus. Whereas cities and local municipalities confront unprecedented budget challenges along with the decline of economic activities as result of economic recessions also known as the COVID-19 recession, which further added to a stagnation in smart development with several local authorities shelving plans to take forward projects. While the pandemic has led to more than a third of the world’s population being placed on lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19, along with the strict policies to access and use public space, created a range of impacts on different levels. Architects, urban planners, and interior designers call to rethink the design of domestic and public spaces to promote a more local lifestyle and help adaptation to a post-pandemic world economically and socially.

Additional Information

TOPICS: We welcome submissions of research on topics related to Topic One: Space, People, and the City and Topic Two: The Economy of the city
Topic One: Space, People, and the City
Track 1: Urban planning, Transportation and Networks
Track 2: The built environment technologies and innovations solutions
Track 3: Resilience in Design for the Religious, social, and cultural buildings
Track 4: Urban Sustainability
Track 5: Living spaces and working spaces.
Track 6: Public spaces.

Topic Two: The Economy of the city
Track 7: Economic models
Track8: Migration and/or social stratification
Track 9: Resource distribution and flows
Track 10: COVID, Urban Economics and Real Estate
Track 11: Protecting local businesses and services.
Track 12: Employment, entrepreneurship, and the digital economy
Track 13: Creating demand for our cultural sectors and hospitability.
Track 14: Environment and a green economy

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: The deadline for submissions is Aug 25, 2021. Please submit end complete papers through
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Notification of acceptance will be provided by September 20, 2021. Final conference papers are due on October 20, 2021. Questions about the call for papers or the conference can be directed to