Review of Corporate Finance Special Issue on Diversity in Corporate Finance


Handling Editor: Dr. Sonia Falconieri, Bayes Business School (formerly Cass)

In recent years, policymakers around the world have adopted numerous initiatives aimed to promote gender balance in corporations. This has spurred an extensive research in finance, particularly on the role of women in corporate boards, which has provided evidence of significant gender differences. Female leaders tend to be more sensitive to ethical issues, less overconfident and more risk averse. Women in leadership positions are also shown to communicate differently.

However, more research is needed to better understand these behavioural differences, and their implications for corporate decisions and performance.

Furthermore, despite the many gender balance initiatives worldwide, women still face a glass ceiling in the corporate world where yet very few women are being appointed in the top senior roles. This raises the question of what actions, if any, policymakers should take to promote gender balance more effectively.

Other aspects of diversity and their role in corporations are even less understood.

The purpose of this special issue is to encourage both theoretical and empirical research that fosters our understanding of the impact of diversity on corporate decisions and performance.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

• Diversity in corporate boards

• Diversity and climate risk

• Women in executive roles and corporate risk

• Gender diversity and the management of the Covid crisis

• Diversity, productivity, and innovation

• Regulation of corporate diversity

• Gender pay gap

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The submission deadline is November 1st 2021.

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