Conference on Financial Innovation at Stevens Institute of Technology

Conference date

30 Apr 2021




The Conference on Financial Innovation that will take place as an online event on Friday, April 30, 2021. The virtual conference will focus on how financial innovation reshapes the finance industry and impacts consumers, and how regulation and financial innovation interact. More information is available at Use the following link to register:

Conference agenda
9:15 a.m. EST: Welcome remarks

9:30 a.m.: Innovations in Consumer Finance
"Digital Footprints as Collateral for Debt Collection." Lili Dai (UNSW), Jianlei Han (Macquarie University), Jing Shi (Macquarie University), and Bohui Zhang (Chinese University of Hong Kong).
"Waiting for Payday, Again? Predicting and Managing Consumption Smoothing." Marcel Lukas (University of St. Andrews) and Chuck Howard (Texas A&M University).
"Do Fintech Lenders Fairly Allocate Loans Among Investors? Quid Pro Quo and Regulatory Scrutiny in Marketplace Lending." Li Ting Chiu (Bentley University), Brian Wolfe (University of Texas, San Antonio) and Woongsun Yoo (Central Michigan University).

Discussants: Brian Wolfe (University of Texas, San Antonio), Byoung-Hyoun Hwang (Cornell University) and Alfred Lehar (University of Calgary).

11:30 a.m.: Changing Landscape in Regulation of Financial Innovations (Panel discussion)
Sudeep Kanjilal, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data Officer- Issuer Services at BNY Mellon
Rohit Mittal, Co-founder and CEO, Stilt
Rabih Ramadi, Head of Financial Services & Insurance, Unqork

12:30 p.m.: Break

1 p.m.: Use of Machine Learning and Alternative Data in Finance
"Uncovering Mutual Fund Private Information with Machine Learning." Alan L. Zhang (Georgia State University).
"The Use and Usefulness of Big Data in Finance: Evidence from Financial Analysts." Feng Chi (Cornell University), Byoung-Hyoun Hwang (Cornell University), and Yaping Zheng (McGill University).
"How to Talk When a Machine is Listening?: Corporate Disclosure in the Age of A.I." Sean Cao (Georgia State University), Wei Jiang (Columbia University), Baozhong Yang (Georgia State University), and Alan L. Zhang (Georgia State University).

Discussants: Stefan Voigt (University of Copenhagen), Ye Wang (Stevens Institute of Technology), and Gustavo Schwenkler (Santa Clara University).

3 p.m.: Decentralized Finance
"Building Trust Takes Time: Limits to Arbitrage in Blockchain-Based Markets." Nikolaus Hautsch (University of Vienna), Christoph Scheuch (Wikifolio), and Stefan Voigt (University of Copenhagen).
"Decentralized Exchanges." Alfred Lehar (University of Calgary) and Christine Parlour (University of California, Berkeley).
"Peer Co-Movement in Crypto Markets." Gustavo Schwenkler (Santa Clara University), and Hannan Zheng (Boston University).

Discussants: Majeed Simaan (Stevens Institute of Technology), Anand Goel (Stevens Institute of Technology), Jiasun Li (George Mason University).

4:45 p.m.: Closing remarks