Université Paris Dauphine PSL - Openings of PhD tracks and PhD positions in Finance


UNIVERSITE PARIS DAUPHINE-PSL invites highly qualified students holding or completing a Master’s degree to apply to its finance PhD program. Our PhD program starts with a one-year academic research training which curriculum can be found at https://dauphine.psl.eu/en/training/masters-degrees/finance/m2-research-in-finance. Upon success in this pre-doctoral year (PhD 1st year), students then enroll at the doctoral level (PhD 2nd year) and carry out a PhD thesis with the DRM Finance research team in a 3-year doctoral program which structure and course offer are available at http://www.finance.dauphine.fr/en/phd/phd_program/. This year, applications are opened at both the pre-doctoral level and the doctoral level.

ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY: Université Paris Dauphine-PSL is a premier University that is well-known for its excellence in research and teaching. It was the first French university to be EQUIS accredited. The University is part of Université PSL, an excellence research network involving some of the best French academic institutions. It is located in downtown Paris.

ABOUT DRM Finance AND THE PROGRAM: The research interests of our team cover all fields of finance including corporate finance, financial reporting, banking, asset pricing, asset management, market microstructure, financial econometrics, real estate, commodities etc. Our research center offers a wide range of resources for research (hardware, software, and databases) as well as a stimulating intellectual environment with a very active visiting program of leading scholars from all around the world.

Our recent PhD graduates have started academic careers in leading universities and business schools, such as McGill University, the University of Toronto, UC San Diego, UNSW, Wilfrid Laurier University, ESCP Europe, ESSEC, or have become researchers in public institutions such as the ECB.

Additional information about the DRM finance research team is available at http://drm.dauphine.fr/en/finance/about-us.html, and information about our finance department can be found at http://www.finance.dauphine.fr/en/

FUNDING AND SCHOLARSHIPS: Our PhD program offers excellence grants covering the pre-doctoral year and 3-year doctoral contracts for completing a PhD dissertation.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: To apply to our pre-doctoral training program, you should follow the online application procedure of Master Research in Finance at https://dauphine.psl.eu/en/training/masters-degrees/finance/m2-research-in-finance/admissions in the summer 2021 (open from July 22nd to August 23rd). Applications for excellence grants will be opened after acceptance in the program.

To apply to our doctoral program, at the doctoral level, and start a PhD thesis directly, you should send a vitae, a PhD project, all graduate degree transcripts, and a cover letter stating clearly whether you apply for a Dauphine doctoral contract. You can also apply as a self-financed student. In that case, you must document your external funding sources. This application package should be sent to jerome.dugast@dauphine.psl.eu and be submitted online at http://www.finance.dauphine.fr/en/phd/applying-to-the-phd-program/ by May 26th 12am.