6th NLIU-Trilegal Summit on Corporate and Commercial Law

Conference date

02 May 2021




We are the Centre for Business and Commercial Laws ("CBCL") and are based out of National Law Institute University, Bhopal ("NLIU"), which is one of the top ranked law schools of India. We are writing to invite submissions from students across the globe for the 6th NLIU-Trilegal Summit on Corporate and Commercial Laws, to be held on 02nd May, 2021 through virtual mode.

ABOUT NLIU: NLIU was established in 1997 and ever since, it has been recognised as one of India’s premier law schools. The institute has housed a reputation for fostering national and international partnerships to contribute to a more holistic learning environment for its students. Through its various cells and initiatives, the university has been empirically nurturing roots in the corporate realm of law for a considerable period.

ABOUT CBCL: The CBCL was established in 2008 with the intention of generating corporate awareness and facilitating research. It provides several avenues to the students to explore the realm of business and corporate laws and develop the foundations required to be a successful practitioner in the field. CBCL undertakes a variety of engagements with the corporate world in furtherance of this aim and to foster the interest and aptitude of the student community in this area of law.

One such initiative is the NLIU-Trilegal Summit on Corporate and Commercial Laws and we are writing to invite submissions from interested authors across the globe for the same.

ABOUT THE SUMMIT: The NLIU-Trilegal Summit on corporate and commercial laws is organized in collaboration with one of the tier-one law firms in India, Trilegal. Trilegal was founded in 2000 and has over 300 lawyers across four offices in India, entailing its practice in multiple fields. The firm has time and again been awarded with multiple recognitions and has a fairly wide market presence.

The Summit is a research paper presentation competition and is a much-awaited yearly occurance in the Indian law school circuit amongst the students interested in corporate and commercial laws. It has witnessed participation from the brightest of law students and is known for helping students develop a practical and commercially oriented approach. The themes for the summit concern the understanding and application of business and commercial laws (an illustrative list can be found in the brochure attached).

With consistent efforts of CBCL and Trilegal, the past editions have been a huge success and the upcoming edition of the Summit is an effort to continue to this successful legacy. With this, we request you to release a Call for Papers on your esteemed platform, so that interested users of your platform could get an opportunity to participate in this summit.

ELIGIBILITY: Authors must be pursuing their LL.B. (Hons.) / LL.B. / LL.M. from any recognized university for the academic year of 2020- 2021, to be eligible to participate in the Summit.

CATEGORIES: Submissions can be made under the following categories:
(a) Articles: Manuscripts under this category should be 4000-6000 words long dealing with an issue in-depth and demonstrating a comparatively higher level of analysis. Coauthorship of papers (maximum two) among individuals from the same or different institutions is allowed.
(b) Essays: Manuscripts under this category should be 2000-3000 words and either cover a recent development or be issue-specific. Co-authorship is not allowed.

Kindly note that the word limit is exclusive of footnotes. Strict adherence to the word limit is prescribed. Citations must conform to the standards laid down in the Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th 2015). Submissions must use only footnotes as a form of citation. Substantive footnoting is permitted.

FORMATTING: The following format must be adhered to –
(a) Title: Times New Roman, size-15, Bold, 2.0 line spacing, centre-aligned.
(b) Abstract: Times New Roman, size-11, Italicized, 1.5 line spacing, justified, Margins of 2.0.
(c) Main Body: Times New Roman, size-12, 1.15 line spacing, justified.
(d) Heading: Times New Roman, size-14, Bold, 1.5 line spacing, centre-aligned.
(e) Sub-headings: Times New Roman, size-13, Italicized, 1.15 line spacing, centre-aligned.
(f) Footnotes: Times New Roman, size-10, 1.0 line spacing, justified.
(g) Margins: One inch (2.54 cm) on all four sides.

Submission must be accompanied by a covering letter including author(s) name, email-ID, mobile number and college name. Submissions must only be through the specified google form. All submissions must be in .doc or .docx format and must contain an abstract of 250-300 words exclusive of the word limit.

(a) Last date of submission of manuscript -18th April, 2021
(b) Announcement of selected manuscripts - 29th April, 2021
(c) Date of Summit - 2nd May, 2021

For any further queries, the interested students may feel free to write to us at cbcl@nliu.ac.in or contact us on WhatsApp:
Suyash Bhamore, Convenor, CBCL - +91-9425150875
Ishaan Chora, Co-Convenor, CBCL- +91-9811892724
Saumya Agarwal, Head, Digital Initiatives, CBCL- +91- 9456954905