The Institute for Quantitative Research (INQUIRE) in Europe provides financial support for academic research projects with potential applications in the field of investment management.

Inquire Europe encourages in particular early stage research, research on European issues and using European data and by researchers affiliated with European universities.

Papers are eligible for Inquire Europe funding if still substantial work is to be done.

Please attach a draft copy of a paper if that is available, and indicate which further work is to be done in your proposed time-schedule.

Papers that are already presented at major academic conferences such as the American Finance Association, the European Finance Association or the Western Finance Association are not eligible for funding by Inquire Europe.

Several grants of € 10.000 a piece are awarded each year.

Payments are made directly to the researcher, unless otherwise requested. Support of a research project by Inquire Europe does not in any way preclude subsequent publication of the paper in a journal of the researcher's choice.

Completed papers may be invited for presentation at the INQUIRE's spring or autumn Seminars. INQUIRE will pay the researcher's reasonable expenses incurred in connection with the seminar.

The next deadline for submission of research proposals is Thursday 6 August 2020. The proposals will be selected by the Inquire Europe Research Committee in Q3 2020.

More information on Inquire Europe, or research grants that have been provided in the past and on the application procedure is available on INQUIRE’s web site:

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