Call for Research Proposals on "Low Carbon Investing"


The EDHEC Scientific Beta research chair is inviting research proposals in the area of “Low Carbon Investing.” These research grants will support academic research that is practically relevant and provides a significant contribution to the academic literature. Funding is available for up to two projects, and each grant will be for 10,000 euros with an additional bonus of 10,000 euros awarded upon publication in a top-tier academic journal (a list of relevant journals, which includes FT-listed accounting and finance journals, will be provided to the selected researchers). Payment will be made directly to the researcher, unless otherwise requested, and this research support does not in any way preclude subsequent publication of the paper in a journal of the researcher's choice (only an acknowledgement of the research funding is required).

Research projects should address investment decisions in the presence of objectives related to carbon emissions or climate risk exposure. The following list contains examples of relevant questions:
- What are the relevant factors driving expected returns of portfolios that reduce carbon exposure?
- What is the link between carbon emissions, risk and return?
- How can we measure and control climate change risk in investment portfolios?
- What is the importance of low carbon investing for the real economy? How does low carbon investing influence corporate decisions?
- What are the challenges with emissions data and how can they be addressed?
- What is the evidence on crowding, capacity or investability of low carbon strategies?

Proposals should contain a detailed outline of the research to be conducted and an explanation of its contribution. Specifically, a single PDF should be submitted that contains the following:
- a cover page with title, names of authors, addresses and affiliations;
- an abstract of up to two-hundred words;
- a clear statement of the research objectives;
- a literature review that places the proposed work in the context of existing work;
- a detailed description of the research method and expected results;
- a proposed timetable for completing the paper;
- a copy of (each) researcher's resume.

A related paper, if available, may be enclosed in a separate file.

Researchers should submit their proposals and their vita to

Proposals will be selected by a selection committee composed of:
- Noël Amenc, Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School; and CEO, Scientific Beta
- Felix Goltz, Research Director, Scientific Beta
- Abraham Lioui, Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School
- Raman Uppal, Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School

The deadline for submission of proposals is July 31st 2020. Decisions on proposals will be made before 30th September 2020. All decisions are final.

Authors whose proposal is selected will be expected to deliver a working paper and present the research at the annual conference of the EDHEC Scientific Beta Research chair. EDHEC will pay reasonable expenses incurred for coming to the conference.