$15,000 Brandes Institute Call for Academic Papers Contest


Current graduate students and professors may submit original, unpublished and not-yetaccepted-for-publication research on:

1. Benjamin Graham-based principles solving a current problem for investors.
2. Behavioral biases when investing and practical approaches to counter—or exploit—these biases.
3. A current issue and solution related to corporate governance.
4. New perspectives for retirement plan structure, investing and/or distribution for institutional or individual investors.
5. How crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic create opportunities for active value managers.

Each paper must include an abstract that summarizes the issue, methodology and solution in 500 words or fewer. 
Each paper will be reviewed by members of the Brandes Institute. Winning entries will be selected by the Brandes Institute Advisory Board. 

COMPENSATION FOR WINNER(S): The Brandes Institute will recognize one winning paper written by an author(s) attending and/or teaching at an accredited university.

The winning author(s) will receive: A $15,000 award (to be split evenly among co-authors) and consideration for publication in one of the Institutional Investor Journals. Runner-up author(s) will receive: A $5,000 award (to be split evenly among co-authors)

Deadline: November 30, 2020
Submit entries to: BIPCFP@brandes.com

Additional Information