5th Chapman Conference on Money and Finance: The Natural Rate of Interest, Monetary Policy Uncertainty and Asset Allocation

Conference dates

20 Nov 2020 - 21 Nov 2020


Chapman University, Orange, CA


The first Chapman Conference on Money and Finance in 2015 posed the question as to whether the then low interest rate environment was “the new normal.” In 2020 we are still in a low interest rate environment, leading economists and policy makers to debate whether there has been a permanent shift in the “Natural Rate of Interest” (or r*--a long-run interest rate reflecting productivity and technological developments). An important issue that arises, moreover, is whether the Natural Rate is even a meaningful concept that can be useful as a guide for monetary policy.

Disagreements about the role of the Natural Rate contributes to monetary policy uncertainty with strong implications for asset allocation and risk management from both a short- and long- term perspective. Strategies of investors, firms and policymakers must take into account whether current low and even negative interest rates are transitory or permanent.
Submissions of papers are invited for presentation at the conference. The following topic areas are examples of the type of submissions solicited:
1. Defining and estimating a Natural Rate of Interest.
2. Determining whether the Natural Rate of Interest has declined permanently.
3. Assessing whether there is a global natural rate or local rates.
4. Appropriate short-term asset allocation with policy and interest rate uncertainty.
5. Asset allocation for investors with a long-term perspective.
6. Global asset allocation with policy and interest rate uncertainty.
7. Real and monetary factors in an environment of exchange rate and interest rate uncertainty.
8. Risk management to address policy and interest rate uncertainty.

Conference time and location: November 20 and 21, 2020 (dates tentative) at Chapman University, Orange, CA.

Submission information: Please email submissions to Professor Clas Wihlborg, Chapman University no later than April 24.
Cost reimbursement: Chapman University will cover travel and lodging expenses for one author of each accepted paper.

Email: wihlborg@chapman.edu

Previous conferences: www.chapman.edu/moneyandfinance