2020 GSU-RFS Conference | Current Research in FinTech

Conference dates

28 Feb 2020 - 29 Feb 2020


Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA


In recent years, FinTech, or financial technology, has been rapidly developing and reshaping business practices and the financial services industry. This has generated significant interest in advancing academic research in this important area. Following the success of the inaugural conference in 2019, the Department of Finance and the Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk (CEAR) at Georgia State University, together with the Review of Financial Studies (RFS) will jointly host a second annual conference on Current Research in FinTech.

Keynote Speaker: Robert Townsend (MIT)
Sponsoring Editors of the RFS: Itay Goldstein (University of Pennsylvania) and Manju Puri (Duke University)
Program Chairs: Baozhong Yang (Georgia State University) and Sean Cao (Georgia State University)

We are excited to announce that this year's conference will feature two sponsored prizes/awards by FinTech Ventures Fund (https://fintechv.com/). Those awards are for the Best Paper at the conference, and an award for the Best Discussant at the conference. More information about the conference in general, the internal and external organizing committees, and the recipients of these two awards (at the conclusion of the conference) can be found on the event's site -- https://robinson.gsu.edu/academic-departments/finance/georgia-state-fintech-conference/

Paper #1: "Machine Learning, Human Experts, and the Valuation of Real Assets"
Presenter: Christophe Spaenjers (HEC Paris)
Discussant: Donghwa Shin (University of North Carolina)

Paper #2: "Deep Learning in Asset Pricing"
Presenter: Markus Pelger (Stanford University)
Discussant: Scott Murray (Georgia State University)

Paper #3: "Noise Trading: An Ad-based Measure"
Presenter: Vivian Fang (University of Minnesota)
Discussant: Tim Loughran (University of Notre Dame)

Paper #4: "Crowdsourcing Financial Information to Change Spending Behavior"
Presenter: Alberto Rossi (Georgetown University)
Discussant: Byoung-Hyoun Hwang (Cornell University)

Paper #5: "Human Interactions and Financial Investment: A Video-Based Approach"
Presenter: Song Ma (Yale University)
Discussant: Elizabeth Blankespoor (University of Washington)

Paper #6: "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Measuring Investor Sentiment by Combining Machine Learning and Photos from News"
Presenter: Kuntara Pukthuanthong (University of Missouri)
Discussant: Venky Nagar (University of Michigan)

Paper #7: "Where Has All the Data Gone?"
Presenter: Laura Veldkamp (Columbia)
Discussant: Liyan Yang (University of Toronto)

Paper #8: "The Private Use of Credit Ratings: Evidence from Mutual Fund Investment Mandates"
Presenter: Ramin Baghai (Stockholm School of Economics)
Discussant: Clifton Green (Emory University)

Paper #9: "Corporate Capture of Blockchain Governance"
Presenter: Radoslawa Nikolowa (Queen Mary University of London)
Discussant: Fahad Saleh (McGill University)

Paper #10: "When FinTech Competes for Payment Flows"
Presenter: Uday Rajan (University of Michigan)
Discussant: Zhiguo He (University of Chicago)

Paper #11: "Harnessing Artificial Intelligence: Evidence from Online Marketplace Lending"
Presenter: Iftekhar Hasan (Fordham University; Bank of Finland; University of Sydney)
Discussant: Jiekun Huang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Paper #12: "When FinTech Meets Privacy: The Consequence of Private Information Misuse in Debt Collection"
Presenter: Hongjun Yan (DePaul University)
Discussant: Umit Gurun (University of Texas at Dallas)