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Bankers, Markets and Investors
Call for papers
Special issue on “Green Finance”

“Bankers, Markets and Investors” is an academic journal that aims at publishing short and innovative research articles in the areas of banking, financial markets and investment with relevant practical application for investors.

Considering the importance of the energy transition and the role that finance has to play to contribute to the fight against the climate change, “Bankers, Markets and Investors” is going to publish a special issue on Green Finance.

Submissions will need to be original and to be submitted before September 30, 2020.

The main topics (but non-exclusive) we will consider for the special issue are the following:
- Carbon Finance
- Green bonds
- Green investing
- Green regulation
- Stranded assets
- Green accounting

Articles have to be sent to the associate Editor, Professor Franck Bancel, at the following address: franck.bancel@enpc.fr