A Special Conference by the Finance Theory Group: Bridging Theory and Empirical Research in Finance

Conference dates

30 Jun 2020 - 01 Jul 2020


Columbia Business School, New York


Sponsored by Finance Theory Group (FTG) and Finance Division, Columbia Business School

The goal of this special FTG conference, hosted by Columbia Business School, is to bridge theory and empirical research in finance by bringing together theorists and empirical researchers working on corporate finance, financial intermediation, and financial markets. It is part of a new initiative undertaken by the FTG (https://financetheory.org/) to foster closer ties and interactions between theoretical and empirical finance research. The conference welcomes submissions of theoretical papers that provide empirically testable hypotheses, empirical papers that are guided by theory, as well as papers that integrate theory models and empirical tests. The conference welcomes papers broadly related to corporate finance, corporate governance and control, financial intermediation, agency and delegation, information and securities, and financial markets.

The conference will feature a panel discussion on integrating theory and empirical research in finance with the following panelists: Peter DeMarzo (Stanford), Itay Goldstein (Wharton), John Graham (Duke), Michael Roberts (Wharton), Amit Seru (Stanford), and Toni Whited (Michigan). Papers that are primarily theoretical (empirical) will be discussed by empirically (theoretically) oriented researchers.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Interested authors should submit papers in pdf format here https://financetheory.org/ftg-events/joint-theory-empirical-ftg-conference by March 15, 2020. Decisions will be made and conference program will be announced in late April, 2020. There is no submission fee.

REGISTRATION: If you are interested in attending the conference, you can register on the FTG website here https://financetheory.org/ftg-events/joint-theory-empirical-ftg-conference. Note that space is limited. The deadline to register is June 8, 2020 and attendance of non-participants in general will be based on registration date.

Wei Jiang: Columbia Business School
Ron Kaniel: President of FTG and University of Rochester Simon Business School
Nadya Malenko: Board member of FTG and Boston College Carroll School of Management
Neng Wang: Columbia Business School

Tania Babina
Olivier Darmouni
Xavier Giroud
Wei Jiang (Co-Chair)
Yiming Ma (FTG member)
Michaela Pagel
Giorgia Piacentino (FTG member)
Tomasz Piskorski (FTG member)
Neng Wang (Co-Chair, FTG member)
Kairong Xiao