2nd Conference on Emerging Technologies in Accounting and Financial Economics (CETAFE) at Cornell University - Call for Papers

Conference dates

08 May 2020 - 09 May 2020


Ithaca NY


PAPER SUBMISSION: Please submit two PDF versions of your paper (one with author affiliation and one without) to cetafe@cornell.edu by midnight EST December 20, 2019. Authors of accepted papers will be informed by the end of February 2020. Accommodation will be provided for authors invited to present at the conference.

We invite submissions on the following topics:
1. The use of big data, alternative data (e.g., mobile footprint, satellite data, geolocation, social media), and unstructured data (e.g., text, images, voice and facial recognition),
a. in auditing and assurance,
b. in the finance industry, and
c. in academic research.
2. Machine learning/AI/high-performance computing
a. in the finance industry, and
b. in academic research (e.g., new measures of technological change and innovation, causal inference or structural estimation, technologies for preventing data mining and p-hacking).
3. The use of new technologies in investor relations/disclosure (e.g., vocal coaching technology, real-time measures of affect in analyst reactions).
4. Balancing corporate disclosure between what AI is “good at” (i.e., understanding machine-readable quantitative summaries) and what people are “good at” (i.e., understanding causal stories/language).
5. Implications of FinTech, big data, and the digital economy on income inequality, discrimination, and labor market, among others. Policy implications, including RegTech, data privacy regulations, and legal challenges in FinTech, among others.
6. Digital networks/marketplaces both centralized and decentralized including social networks, sharing/on-demand economy, crowd-funding and P2P platforms, blockchains, distributed-ledger technology, multi-party computation, cryptocurrencies, and tokenomics.
7. Innovations in financial services and financial intermediation driven by new technologies and business models, including smart contracting, alternative lending, digital payments, mobile payments, ICOs, IEOs, internet-based crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.
8. Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, and behavioral issues related to new technologies and the rise of AI and big data (e.g., how do digital platforms help the financing of startups?)

REGISTRATION: Conference attendance is by invitation only and advance registration is required. If there is additional space, registration will be opened to others who would like to attend. We will respond to let you know whether space is available. If you would like to indicate your interest in attending as a non-presenter, please email cetafe@cornell.edu. Registration will start by the end of March after the program is set.

ORGANIZERS: Will Cong (Finance), Travis Dyer (Accounting), Byoung-Hyoun Hwang (Finance), Kristi Rennekamp (Accounting)